Dr Freeze Interview Re Next MJ Album - Part 2

29 Jan 2011

Exclusive Interview: Dr. Freeze found the title of an unpublished ...
Here is the result of the exclusive interview of Elliott Straits best known under the name of Dr. Freeze, producer of "Break Of Dawn" (Invincible), "A Place With No Name" or "Blue Gangsta".

Dr. Freeze has worked in the studio with Michael Jackson and book in an exclusive interview very interesting news just for you. And enter more deeply into the secret recordings of the King of Pop when he discovered this three-part interview. Second part today titled: Dr. Freeze found the title of an unpublished ...

Quagmire: As I said earlier, "Break Of Dawn" contains very specific words. It's very sensual and it's the first time he talks about making love. How did he feel over this when you made the recordings, in what state of mind was he? Were there any special wishes during these sessions?

Dr. Freeze: No, he just told me he loved the song. I do not give him orders, he knew exactly what to do. He took control of the plane, I'm just busy taking off.

Q: Basically, he said: "Go we do what verse again, Ell ..." By the way, is what you called Elliot?

F: No, he always called "Freeze"!

Q: And you, you immediately called by his first name?

F: Absolutely! We were really close. In fact, to be precise, I called him by his nickname "Mike" instead of Michael.

Q: You mentioned video games earlier. Do you remember the video games you play with him at that time?

F: In his house there were lots of video games. Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and also Flight Simulator. We spent a lot of time playing it.

Q: You were playing in the studio or you go to Neverland?

F: Yes, I went to Neverland, to relax and work. We worked a lot there. He had a studio at the ranch. So it was working there and sometimes he would say: "Come on, we paused Freeze! Go a little fun, go into the projection room, go to an attraction or will you walk in the zoo!" Neverland was a bit like a second home to me.

Q: I did not know you worked at Neverland! It's interesting because we do not have many details on the studio of Neverland. Was it a professional studio?

F: Yes, completely, it was a lot of professional equipment, Pro Tools, stuff like that, you know?

Q: Did he use it alone?

F: Absolutely, Michael was unbeatable when we were talking about the studio.

Q: Actually, we know he could not really play an instrument, so we always wondered if he was able to record anything on his own without the help of an engineer or producer.

F: He could do everything himself. You know, Michael was truly a "living instrument". He could play some chords on a keyboard, he was doing pretty good. He also knew programmed beats.

Q: Getting back to "Break of Dawn", can you tell us why Michael Jackson does not sing the chorus of this song?

F: Well, because he liked my version of the chorus. He found it very beautiful, and he wanted to leave everything as is. He liked my singing. He would not spoil, he loved how I had saved. My trademark is to make the chorus to every song that I produced ("Poison," "I Want to Sex You Up"). I've been doing this forever, and Michael loved my singing on "Break of Dawn".

Q: Where does your inspiration come to us for the songs "Break Of Dawn", "Blue Gangsta" and "A Place With No Name"? How does your creative process?

F: "Break Of Dawn" is just a romantic ballad that I wrote one day. For "Blue Gangsta" I wanted to make a new "Smooth Criminal". Something more modern and rooted in the 2000s. It was the idea. "A Place With No Name" is itself a kind of escape, a song where you just close your eyes to find you instantly into a wonderful world. In fact, this song was inspired by "A Horse With No Name" group America. The lyrics of this song are very deep. I wanted to refresh it, make a version of the 2000s.

Q: Did you have obtained the rights to the band quickly? Did you ask permission?

F: Oh absolutely, the group America has loved the idea. They found this "update" absolutely terrific. They were really excited about this project. Compared to the extract leaked on the internet, many wonderful items were added to the song by Michael. It's more dense, much denser. Believe me, when you hear it, you take your foot!

Q: So you do not touch it, it will emerge as you had finalized with him?

F: The song will be released the latest version on which we worked. It will be drastically different from the extract (July 2009) and more enormous. In fact, this song is very cinematic in its form. It would have been a perfect song for a movie like Avatar because it shows us a wonderful world it strange, where people are different, but happy. This song is like an escape from everyday life is a song where one is literally transported.

Q: About "Blue Gangsta" remix was done by Tempamental as "No Friend Of Mine" ...

F: This is not the name of the song, it's just the chorus that contains these few words. The real title is "Blue Gangsta". When I heard this remix, I could not believe it. Many people called me because of that and I do not understand what had happened. The concern is that I do not even know who released the song! It remains a mystery. Why did they do that? Where did this rap song? How were they taken? In fact, we knew nothing about this story, me or Michael. We really do not understand where this leak came ...

Q: There are still a few weeks, nobody knew too what was the real origin of this song, and how Michael Jackson had been involved in this project.

F: Yeah, I know it's crazy. The name of the song was not even good! [Dr. Freeze humming the chorus of the song on the phone: "You is not no friend of mine, could you put me through, I'm the blue gangsta nah."] Was just the chorus. This highlights the ignorance of people who are causing the leaks on the internet: they take the song and put it online without knowing its origin.

Q: For fans, it did not really understand what it could be proposed. It was weird. We suspected that something was amiss, but we did not know exactly what ...

F: Yes, the song was not presented to the public as needed. A guy has just stolen the song, added a rap, and swung on the net. I was not even credited, any more than Michael! She just landed here without any logical explanation ...

Q: Have you done other songs with Michael Jackson, other than these three?

F: We did some other songs, I do not think we've finalized anything. I'm not sure I can tell you much more.

Q: Overall, how did you write songs for Michael?

F: Oh, about thirty, and I had to save five or six can be with him.

Q: And you have these songs in your possession today?

F: Most of his novel are in the coffers now. We have no control over. They keep everything in the chests.

Q: So the estate (the Estate) who cares?

F: Yes, absolutely. John McClain is responsible for it.

Q: It's the boss!

F: Yes, boss!

Q: Were you able to hear new songs?

F: Yes, I could listen to most of them. But I can not say anything, sorry. I'm not allowed to disclose anything.

Q: We can play a little game instead. I give you the names of songs, and you tell me whether or not you've heard. Have you heard "Escape"?

F: "Escape"? That tells me nothing.

Q: "Fear," "Face", it tells you something?

F: No, nothing at all

Q: Have you listened to "Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

F: I heard the studios.

Q: "Crack Kills"?

F: Never heard of it.

Q: The "gloved One"?

F: No.

Q: Actually, it would be easier if you give us some names ... Could you give us the name of an unreleased track that you particularly marked and talk a little?

F: There's a song we made together, but I do not know if he has completed his vocal parts. It's called "Rise Above It All". It's a song I wrote and on which we worked.

Q: What was she talking about?

F: It's an upbeat song. If you feel bad, what's going wrong in the world, be positive and try to be as happy as possible, leaving aside all the negative things. Overcome negativity room, go beyond the woes of the world, all wars, the starving children and all the bad things. Assemble yourselves, hold your hand, raise your hands to heaven and pass it all. It's a little theme song. I can not say whether he had recorded the song, but in any case, we worked on it. There are other songs on which they collaborated. Most of these songs are mid-tempo, but I can not say anything more.

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