[fan acct] JaeJoong's ELLE Photoshoot on 1/24/11

JaeJoong came to Banyan Tree for the EllE photo shoot. I had stereotypes [against him]. But he was very polite. And he was very proactive while shooting. There was a delay, so the atmostphere of the shoot was a bit down, but he enlivened the atmostphere.

They filmed a video concurrently while doing the photo shoot for the magazine (on top of that, [he did] an interview afterwards). So it must have been hard on him twice as much. But he did his very best till the end, and I could feel feel his "force" as a professional~!! (I could really tell that he was a professional)

I was very impressed by how he greeted every single person after the shooting was over. Now i know why he's called "Asia's Star".

My stereotypes about him are out the window~~!!!

First cr: Naver blogger m-ground
Second cr: Daum Telzone JYJ Gallery

* If anyone's interested, Banyan Tree is a 5-star hotel and spa facility in Seoul, Korea. Link:

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