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110128 JYJ Fansign Yoochun fanaccount Part 2

This is the postcripts from Blessing Yoochun members.

Me: “Yoochunshi ~ hello ^^”
YC: “Ah~~~!!Hello ^^”
Me: “Do you remember me? (Originally I wanted to say I went from Gwangju to Seoul to participate last fansign event but I just couldn't) I'm so happy to see you ^^”
YC: “Yes ^^” (His big, round eyes were looking straight at me)
Me: “Have you read the Park Yoochun 3 lines poems of our members? We even made a video and uploaded it on Youtube.”
YC: “I haven't seen it.”
Me: “Among the gifts, in the yellow and blue boxes, there are the Park Yoochun 3 lines poems that our members wrote to support you... remember to take a look ^^, there is this one person who also wrote one poem can't come today, so she marked her page with star stickers, there's also a disk with the video we made... That disk also has the video of the kids jumping to Empty, you definitely have to watch it.”
YC: “Thank you.”
Me: “Do you remember the person who gave you a Klimt calendar? She is waiting outside!!”
YC: “Ah? What?”
Me: “She couldn't make it (to this fansign) But this time she has prepared a very big gift, so remember to look for her after this”
YC: “Thank you”
Me: “We will continue to support you... Let's go together till the very end ^^”
Then we shook hand, and I went back to her seat.
When YC had to leave, I screamed his name: “Yoochunshi, Yoochunshi...”
YC turned to look at me.
Me: “In one box there is my red wine for you... “**” is my gift for you.” (** is a wine brand)
YC nodded.
When I said “box” YC pointed to the gifts, and when I said “**” he pointed his finger toward me.

Jaejoong greeted first: “I'm the J of JYJ.” Then YC said: “I'm the Y of JYJ.”
The other J, because he had to practice for his musical, so he couldn't come to the fansign.
YC's neck and Adam's apple are really pieces of art.
Seeing him in real life, YC's features are really outstanding (well-shaped). Compared to the pictures, his bridge nose is even higher, and his face is even smaller. He looks like a western doll. He also has really nice skin.
When it was my turn, YC only wrote my name, so I told him to add “noona”, or “aunt” could also be good.
YC said: “Alright ~” and wrote “noona”
Then I said: “Seeing you in flesh, you're so handsome”
He smiled showing his dimples: “Thank you”
When shaking hands, YC raised his head to look straight at me. My heart was beating so fast. The next second, I felt like I was in heaven (blissfully hazy ^^) , YC's hand was so warm.
Then I went to Jaejoong's place...

I woke up early this morning to bake some cakes for YC.
He greeted me first: “Hello!”.
Me: “This is some cakes I baked specially for you early this morning.”
YC: “Wow wow...” (Both his eyelashes sticked up, revealing his very surprised expression).
Me: “I used the bio ingredients to make it~ it's not poisonous, so you can eat it safely~”
He smiled and said: “Alright, I can eat then, thank you ^^”

I heard that YCshi liked dried meat. So I prepared some dried meat, sweets, books, and hurriedly head off to the fansign location.
When I saw the chef of the bodyguards, I asked him: “Can I personally give the dried meat to YCshi?”
Then he said warmly: “Then put it on your bag and give it to him...”
I could finally see YCshi in flesh...
Me: (smiling happily) "Hello. So happy to finally be able to meet you."
YC: “Ah~~~ Hello”
I wanted to say so many things to him, but I was so nervous I ended up not able to say it.
YC saw that I wanted to say something, so he spoke first: “You want to say something?”
Me: “Ah~~~ I heard that you like dried meat...” (I was secretly checking the dried meat in my bag)
YC: “Eh? Me?”
Me: “Eh? No? Then it's just a false rumor? Anyway just take this” (I was digging my bag) and you can give it to Junsu”
YC: “Thank you”
Me: “Oh, and I prepared some books that you would like, your pictures, and also a message,... you have to take a look~”
YC: “Alright, thank you”
YC's neck is really delicate, his face is especially small, and also his... (sorry I couldn't figure these characters TT TT)... now I can die without regret.

Cre: Blessing Yoochun + MickyBaidu

This is translated from the Chinese translation on MickyBaidu ^^...

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