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[fan acct] Lotte Premium Talk fanmeet 1/29/11

1. Junsu was thrusting his hips so much while singing the baby~ baby~ baby~ part in Be My Girl. Every time! The audience was screaming loud.
JaeJoong was thrusting more carefully! He was looking at YC smiling [at YC] as if he was telling him to thrust [his hips].

2. JaeJoong's chest muscles that peeked out occasionally... makes me imagine things... JaeJoong's taller than I thought. I looked up at him. FYI, I'm 162 cm.

3. Part of JaeJoong's room is filled with liquors/alcohols he got from fans. On his birthday, Junsu joined him at 9, Yuchun at 11, and they drank. He had work to do during the day.

4. After the greetings, [we] sang surprise happy birthday song for JaeJoong. Probably JaeJoong was teary but happy! When the MC asked him how it was, he said "I like the surprise~"

5. When the MC told JaeJoong he spoke Japanese well, JaeJoong said "usually I say, so so~".
When the MC asked what he really thought, he put his arm on the right arm rest and [jokingly] pretended he was all that and said "I'm the best anyway~" in deep voice.

* The original fan accts were written in Japanese, and someone translated them into Korean, then I translated them into English. So I'm sure there's a lot lost in translation. *

First cr: DC Inside TVXQ Gallery
Second cr: Daum Telzone JYJ Gallery
Link to Daum given to me by @sheanelouise

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