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While many fans are very interested in appropriations for each album of Michael Jackson, some go further in their approach. Thus, four members of the forum MJFrance managed to get in touch with Elliott Straits best known under the name of Dr. Freeze, ie the producer of " Break Of Dawn "(Invincible)," A Place With No Name "or" Blue Gangsta ".

Dr. Freeze has worked in the studio with Michael Jackson and book in an exclusive interview very interesting news just for you. And enter more deeply into the secret recordings of the King of Pop when he discovered this three-part interview. Part one today titled: Dr. Freeze made revelations about the next album ... 

Quagmire: I'm eager to hear how you began working with Michael Jackson and how he contacted you.

Dr. Freeze: I knew his manager, John McClain, and I was working on an album with my partners, Spydermann. After completing the album, it did not go as planned and we had to cancel the exit. I was very upset. And then John McClain said, "Do not worry Freeze. I have another project for you. I'll be in business with Michael. "I said:" Michael ... who? "and he said:" Michael Jackson! "I did not believe it at first and I thought it was crazy. And then one day I was on the phone with my father and someone called me on the other line ... and it was Michael! That's how it all began. I had some songs and I made to Michael. He adored them! Because Michael and I, we have a sound very close. So every time I proposed something, it was easy for him to study the song because it was as if he already knew. I asked him songs and he adored. He cherished them. That's how we met.

Q: Speaking of "Break Of Dawn " , which is a great song. I think that's one of the most sensual songs he has ever made and that's what I wanted to hear Michael. I do not know if you know, this is the first time he talks about making love in a song. I do not know if you had addressed this very issue with him?

F: (laughs) Yeah, thank you. It was his favorite song was his baby .

Q: Do you remember the exact number of songs that you have presented?

F: I introduced him to many songs. The main songs on which we worked are "Break Of Dawn", "A Place With No Name" and "Blue Gangsta". These three songs were our priorities. "Break Of Dawn" is one of the songs that have been finalized. Others have been released later. They are kept in reserve.

Q: So you suggest songs and Michael said if you liked a particular song. As I understand, he loved every Break Of Dawn, and from there he decided to focus on this particular song. What happened next?

F: We were recording, we changed the studio, we re-register, we recorded more songs. You know, "A Place With No Name" and "Gangsta Blue" were recorded at the same time. There are also some others I can not speak for now. But other songs were recorded. We saved a lot but these three songs were our three main objectives.

Q: What was your mindset in the first day in studio with him? How did you feel?

F: It was pretty scary for me! I felt to be back in primary school and not knowing anything about the production! Michael I relearned everything. The other producers and I were as students face a teacher. With Michael, it was as if we knew nothing more to our business: we had to start over and relearn everything. He taught us to do everything the best way possible: Michael was a perfectionist and we had to start from scratch to produce the music for the best possible way. I was very nervous, very nervous but very honored! Anyway, Michael was more nervous with you than you were with him. It was simply the most wonderful people with whom you could never dream of working together. It was great! He knew all about the music industry, everything about everything, nothing was foreign to him, and he taught me a lot. Finally, he was very humble and creative. It was really great to work with him.

Q: You have therefore proposed his "Break Of Dawn", and then you had to redo the song in full by following his advice?

F: No, he just had to record vocals ... and add his magic! It was like flowers and trees grew in the song! He touched her and it became magical! I was shocked!

Q: So all the musical parts and the lyrics were made in advance?

F: Yes, he loved the song! He wanted to leave it as is! All I had done on this piece, no one had the right to change anything. Because it sounded like he had heard the first time we had a dream, a vision, and he wanted to recreate this dream in song to the last detail. He did not want to change anything, he wanted to keep the magic of the song absolutely intact. What you hear on Invincible is exactly the version I've given him before he raises his voice there.

Q: How long did it take him to record the song?

F: It took him time because he wanted a lot of momentum in the voice, especially the harmony you hear in the chorus. It took time. Process studio was as long if we was spinning film!

Q: At that time, he also worked on other songs for Invincible ?

F: Yes .

Q: So he was taken to record his voice, listening to them, arranged them, started working on other songs, then returned a few days later to make additional catch?

F: Yes, it was incremental work. Sometimes he recorded the lead vocals, sometimes it was just the chorus or adlib ... He also listened to the different mixes and changed some details in here and there. He was in full creative process. We wanted song either perfect and return to my analogy on cinema he was like filmmaker seeking improve his film making evolve script or changing actors. This type of process it has used to create this song, and overall, the album Invincible .

Q: So basically, he changed a verse, started work on another song, and a few days later, he came to you to change the song again?

F: Yes. When he returned changes were made and ideas were proposed, he listened attentively. It also arose at times and arranged two or three things. Ultimately, all decisions were his. It was the boss. It was open to any criticism or suggestions beneficial to the song, as it kept its effectiveness. All that interested him was to have hits in power.

Q: Who had the idea of taking "A Horse With No Name" group America?

F: That's me. Again, I did all the music, and he only had to learn the lyrics. It was at the same time as Break Of Dawn, but it is not extended and continued to work on it later. It has improved gradually.

Q: Was it planned for the album Invincible or another project?

F: Initially it was planned for Invincible, yes. It is not out on this album and was therefore kept in reserve as "Blue Gangsta".

Q: Compared to the extract leaked on the Internet, can we expect differences mixing?

F: Yes, what you heard is an old mix. One you'll soon hear is completely new .

Q: You said "soon"? I am willing to learn more!

F:  "A Place With No Name" and "Blue Gangsta". will both be on the next album of Michael. "A Place With No Name" will be different from the leak on the internet, it will be updated. For "Blue Gangsta" I rerecorded the instrumental. So expect changes .

Q: Did you have completed this song with Michael in his lifetime?

F: Absolutely, it had been finalized .

Q: What were your feelings about Michael when you got to know a bit more in the studio?

F: It taught me not only to create a song correctly, but it also gave me advice on the music industry as a whole. My main feeling is that he was an absolute genius. I was fortunate to learn from one of the greatest. I try to apply his advice in the projects I undertake today: I try to keep alive the artistic spirit of Michael Jackson. It's like if I graduated from college musical "Michael Jackson". Anyway, getting back to your question, the word "feeling" is too low. There is no word strong enough to describe what I learned and lived with the King of Pop.

Q: Do you have any anecdotes about your studio sessions?

F: Not really. I had great fun working with him. Michael was someone who loved you make funny jokes. It really spoke to any set, video games, etc.. Then resumed his work, the lesson resumed. We were amazed at its performance. It happened like that.

Q: he warmed up with a lot vocally record the song?

F: Anyone who is warm, either in sports or singing. We never saw him do his vocal exercises before us, but when he came into the studio to record, he stood before the microphone and set fire to the song. As he left, the studio was in ashes and our jaws on the floor. It was really impressive to see .

You will discover tomorrow the second part of this interview entitled: Dr. Freeze reveals the title of a novel.

Thank you to Quagmire, Bud, and Tristan Dovido MJFrance forum.

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