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28th Jan 2011 from Twitlonger

110128 JYJ fansign Yoochun fanaccount transcripts

1. This fan is so horrible. She was standing 2m from YC and was starring at him for one whole hour. Not only that, but in the already limited frame time of the event, she took too long to ask her question. Please go straight to your point!
XDDDD, poor her and the others. If I was in her shoes, I'd have been like her. I mean, who wouldn't want to stare at him????

2. Fan: How is your cold?
YC: So you all know that I went to the hospital. I'm alright ^^
So YC did went to hospital because of his cold TT TT... At least he's alright now TT TT

3. There was a fan who wrote on her sticker: “To xx, I love you! Let's get married!”. YC laughingly took it off and asked her: “What's your name?”. She said: “AB, AB. (Sorry I don't know how to translate her name ^^). I'm the one who sent you a Broccoli You Too song on Cyworld.” YC was really surprised: “Really?” Then he said he has been listening to it and thanked her. Then they shook hand.
OMG, lucky fan TT TT

4. Fan: Oppa, are you alright?
YC: How come everyone knows that I went to the hospital?
Fan: Of course we know, you're a top star oppa.
YC: I'm much better now...

5. There was a noona fan, she said the YC is very beautifull, his skin is so white. When it was her turn, she said to YC: “Please add “noona” next to my name”. YC then asked her: “May I asked how old are you?”. Fan: “I'm xx”. YC: “You're born YY?” (a zodiac ^^). Fan: “Yes”. She said to herself: How can he know I'm born YY? Kkk... He's too cute...

6. Today YC is my teacher...
Me: Oppa, please eat more, you're too thin.
YC: Huh? (I used the past tense) Did I eat?
Me: No no that's not it. Please eat more. (still wrong TT TT)
YC: Still not correct.
Me: Please eat more
YC: That phrase is correct. You have to use the imperative sentense.
Then because I was wearing my too big gloves when shaking hands with him, he laughed at me.
Haha, OMG, this fan is too cute. She might be just a little girl, so adorable...

Cre: MickyBaidu

Since I'm not a Chinese native speaker, please bear with me if there's anything wrong. Seriously, Chunnie ahhhhhh TT TT

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