[fan acct] There was another fanboy of Jeje at the fan sign event yesterday. =D

This fan described himself as short, skinny, and pretty-looking, like a girl. He went to the fan sign and kept trying over and over to let Jeje know he's a fanBOY but to no avail.

He kept calling Jeje hyung (older brother) hoping Jeje would realize he's a male fan, but Jeje didn't notice and kept saying "ah, yes". It seems like Jeje thought he was a girl, the fan explains.

The fan says Jeje is very pale and so beautiful it's almost like he sucks the energy out of you. So his hands and legs were shaking badly. He also says Jeje looks like a Siamese cat.

So there was no hug for this fanboy. But he swore to be a ppah doh ree and a slave of Jeje from yesterday and on.

1st cr: DC Inside TVXQ Gallery
2nd Cr: Daum Telzone JYJ Gallery

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