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28th Jan 2011 from Twitlonger

110128 JYJ Fansign: Yoochun whining like a kid

参加了这几次签名会,天哥每次写汉字必定要用鼻音奥~奥~的撒娇嗷两声,然后一笔一划边写边问"对吗?对吗?……"我一定会非常善良的回答"对的对的",之所以说善良是因为其实笔划是错的= =但是成果漂亮就行。今天终于憋不住问"中文很难么?"天哥一脸委屈"对我来说,汉字真的是...TT"
Cre: CongKR + MickyBaidu

English trans by me:
I have participated several fansign events. Each time have to write Chinese name, Yoochun oppa always makes nasal sounds, like a spoiled kid throwing tantrum. Then with each stoke, he would ask "Is this right? Is this right?..." Then I would definitely kindly answer: " Yes it is". I said "kindly" because he wrote it wrong =.= However he wrote it beautifully so all good. Today I couldn't help myself so I asked him "Is Chinese really hard?" Yoochun oppa then made a face "To me, it is... T___T"

As a person who's learning Chinese, I totally understand him. It's really hard. But haha, Chunnie, u spoiled kid!!! And that fan is so nice!!!
And please correct me if I translated it wrongly ^^...

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