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27th Jan 2011 from Twitlonger

Various fanaccounts of SMTown Tokyo

- Tiffany, Hyoyeon and Taeyeon came to my side. The person who stayed very long was Tiffany. With her extremely cute smile she waved at the audience. When she left she even blew a kiss. I as a Fany fan was so happy that I almost started to cry. Hyoyeon was even thinner and cuter than on tv. Taeyeon was as white as a fairy and a beauty. As I expected it's even more fantastic to see Snsd live. I noticed there were only few chants during snsd's performance, but it's better not to try to notice it and shout for them. It's not that people near me weren't interested, they just didn't know the chants.

- On the first day, at the end of Seohyun and Kyuhyun's duet they held hands and gazed at each other, but Seohyun couldn't bare it and bursted into laughter.
On the second day she improved. The two of them held hands and faced the front (with their backs to the screen) Afterwards both of them kept on bowing. It was so cute.

On the first day Sooyoung didn't come to the north side but at the end when they all lined up Sooyoung waved to both sides of the arena, when I caught her attention with my fan she saw the people on the first floor. She even did a peace sign. On the second day when they came out for Way to go Sooyoung had her hair tied and had a ponytail with extensions. Moreover at the end she came to the south wing and I got to see her again. For the 2 days I sat on opposite sides but for both days Sooyoung came to both sides at the end which made me happy.

- I went on both days. On the second day there were so many DBSK fans near me so it was as if I was the only one chanting in my block and there were no soshi fans near me. On the second day Yuri was standing right in front of me. When I showed my fan she pointed at me cutely. She was so cute that my knees got weak. It would be good that next time at a soshi solo concert we could chant with a sense of unity with all soshi fans.

credit:mixi and me for translating

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