Matt F · @flayman

27th Jan 2011 from Twitlonger

I'd like to talk about about something the apparently obtuse Sir Hugh Orde is quoted as saying in this Guardian article:


---Orde went on to reveal fears that protests would become more violent as the police became the focus of growing public anger at government cuts. "We're seen [as if] we are the physical manifestation of the state … and the moment the people in a crowd think that we are the state enforcing a certain specific law … then I think the propensity to violence may increase," he said.---

No. Totally wrong. People are angry with the police (particularly the MPS) for certain notable instances of brutality and corruption such as the killing of Ian Tomlinson (for which the responsible police officer will not be charged) and the handling of the News of the World phone hacking so-called investigation. Corruption, malfeasance and abuses of power. Some people then attend demonstrations with this in mind. Those people (and all the others) are then greeted with the very sort of police behaviour they despise. And yes, it will only get worse.

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