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27th Jan 2011 from Twitlonger

Full English translation of #Ukraine #Bachelor @MaksimC Q&A from the original Russian language article found here:

This translation was based primarily on the one kindly provided by Marina (via @Fllottodreamer), a resident and native of Russia, who also happens to be a MaksimC fan, and in consultation with another Russian speaker who asked to remain anonymous. I thank them both for their invaluable assistance. Many thanks also to the aforementioned @FLLottodreamer whose spunk got this rolling in the first place :)


The main bachelor of the country Maksim Chmerkovskiy: “I don’t know what love is”

24 января '11 в 05:38 / On January, 24th ' 11 at 05:38

TV show “The Bachelor” starts on STB in mid-March. This is the Ukrainian version of well-known American show “The Bachelor” in which 25 girls fight for the heart of a handsome and successful man.
One of them he will choose as his wife. For Ukraine, the bachelor has arrived from the USA: Maksim Chmerkovskiy, a former inhabitant of Odessa who immigrated to America and has achieved there tremendous success. Nowadays, the choreographer Chmerkovskiy is rated by influential American magazine OK among the most beautiful men in the world, second only to David Beckham. After five minutes of dialogue I realized: Maks is a moody man. During the interview, the mood changed about 15 times! He laughed, was sad, sneered... and in my opinion, never was false. He said what he thought... with a slight American accent.

Q: Maksim if you have decided to search for a bride in a reality TV show, why have you chosen ours, instead of the American project?

MC: My family immigrated to the States when I was 14, and my brother Val eight. Since then somehow we don’t belong there, nor here. We tried to get accustomed to America, but... life is different, the mentality. Recently I visited Odessa and realized: my soul is here. Though New York too I consider my home, and I also have American citizenship. I have nothing against American women. But they're different! How to explain to an American for example “kuzkina’s mother”* (smiling) or “The Barber of Siberia”**. Val assimilated to the U.S. better than I, probably because he was younger... I went to Ukraine on “Bachelor” blindly. I wasn’t shown the photos of 25 girls selected from 6000. I have no concept of how they were chosen! I was introduced to them already on the project - for the purity of the project, so to speak.

Q: You trust in love at first sight? Many are skeptical concerning it...

MC: We in general are a skeptical nation it seems to me! And it concerns all... I do not know. I didn't love. I approach feelings with a cool head and often I do not dare to fall in love. I cannot notice love because I am constantly busy working. Though I have no problems with getting acquainted.

Q: Why then can't you find by yourself a wife without any "experiments"?

MC: I don’t have time to look! It’s necessary for me that all goes quickly. I also don't look at this project as a TV show. For me it’s an opportunity to learn something new about myself. I didn’t get for a long time an uncomfortable situation for me. It's unpleasant for me to choose between living people, it’s somehow strange. Reminds me of selection at school in sports team: “You, you and... no, not you.” At rose ceremonies, I very much worry about offending someone. [Rose ceremonies end each Bachelor episode: the hero gives a rose only to those he’s interested to continue a dialogue. The others leave the project – author] Now shooting is at the hottest stage. From 25 girls, remain six.

Q: Probably you thought that someone from them, likes not so much you, but your popularity and status.

MC: Now I have completely changed my perception of it. I have no way of knowing the feelings of people and what's on their mind... Yes, really, it can happen that a clever girl could skillfully trick me. But that’s life, and I don't want to be closed, cautious of someone.

Q: And what can wound you?

MC: Here is such a situation: When I trust in a person and they use me for their purposes/advantage. But let it be on their conscience. I believe in karma.

Picture caption: Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff were a beautiful pair and already planned to get married, but it did not turn out. And now the handsome man’s search is narrowed on the TV show.

Q: As far as I know, the indispensable condition for you is to marry after the project...

MC: No! The main thing, I need to propose: all comes to an end with a betrothal (engagement)... Whether there will be a real wedding depends on me. It happens, people change/disagree. Perhaps when I learn more about this girl, she will change, be another person. Or me. But I wouldn’t want that to happen. My decision is serious. You know, I love clever, intellectual women. It is not interesting to me to only communicate on topics of shoes, socks and glasses. Nice to talk about politics, sports, art... Then the relationship will be comfortable.

Q: Is there a marriage contract to sign?

MC: Yes, I gather. But I wouldn’t want to disclose these legal details.

Q: In New York you own four dancing studios...

MC: Yes, and my main business partners are my father and my brother... Initially, our financial situation was not secure ... It was simply nothing. We left Odessa in the 90s – parents wanted a better life. To us children, nobody explained anything. Then there was an emigration wave. In New York, we started work at once: I danced, my father washed dishes in a pizzeria, mom looked after children. My father was a programmer and after some time, he began working in his specialization. I opened my first studio when I was 16. Soon, dad took over part of the work: taking care of the finances, communicated with parents of children (the first studio was a school for children). I was engaged directly in dancing. By the way, the biggest problem in these schools: parents. (laughs) At the time, I was still a child, and some of my students were older than me. And I had to prove somehow to parents that their children needed to study with me, instead of the coach at the next studio.

Picture caption: Dancing with the Stars has made Chmerkovskiy a star.

Q: For you, is it important that your future wife be as successful as you?

MC: That for me has no importance.

Q: And what has? That she be economical, clean and cook?

MC: She should want simply that all is beautiful and clean. There is no need to do the cleaning in the house. For this purpose there are special people. No, I am not lazy, simply would prefer to release time for more interesting things. But to know how to cook would be a big plus! I’m used to tasty meals. Mom is such a fantastic cook! And she does it all: from jelly to 18 kinds of borsches and soups to pies, and sushi. Mom, though an ethnic Russian, was born and raised in Ashkhabad (Turkmenistan). Her menu consists of a mix of Asian, Ukrainian and Russian cuisine. She loves to cook, experiment. After mom’s dinners, my brother and I live on white rice...

Q: Do you adhere to a diet?

MC: (laughs) Yes, I’m joking! I adhere to a healthy lifestyle! What, is there a diet? I eat everything that I see. I myself do ... very tasty fried eggs and a sandwich. I was not drawn to cooking. Sometimes when I’m with Val at home (I live with my brother, me on one side of the house, him in another) and we’re not in a hurry, he says: “Let me do it, and you – that.” And then we cook.

Q: You don’t quarrel?

MC: Never quarrel. Val – my best friend. When Val was six, I became his dance coach. He’s always had great respect for me, but at the same time it is brotherly feelings.

Picture caption: At project’s end, Maksim will bring the darling to New York where she will be acquainted with mom and the brother

Q: Besides dancing, do you play any sports?

MC: We love basketball and swimming, love to run and to jump. We especially like the sports where you need to compete. We want to win! Val is also very daring.

Q: Your puppy bulldog is now in the care of your brother?

MC: No, Val is now in England***. Val, as well as I, travels around the world a lot. The house is watched by my mother, parents live close by. My father walks the puppy. Dad is obsessed with his dog (they have a boxer, a girl) and at the same time, obsessed with mine.

Q: Maksim, I heard at 12 years old, you broke your leg after a nasty fall on skis ...

MC: Almost! On a sled! Flew down a mountain and it was fun until I crashed into a pole. It happened in Odessa. Judging by pictures, I shouldn’t be walking without a stick! Let alone dance. Fracture was closed but it was extremely serious. Nevertheless, I recovered thanks to the father and grandfather of my dance partner at the time. We didn’t have any money, and this person was very helpful. Had the operation and intensive therapy. Into my foot, they inserted an iron rod. In due time, it was taken out after one more operation.

Q: Perhaps now you don’t sit down on a sled...

MC: Still I sit down! And also go snowboarding, skiing and all the rest! Why be afraid?!


*“Kuzkina’s mother”: Russian idiom that roughly means “we’ll show you” or "to teach someone a lesson"

** “The Barber of Siberia” is a Russian language film

*** At the time of this interview, Val Chmerkovskiy was competing in the UK Championships

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