[transcript] Question 5-8/16 Excerpts from Jaejoong's video interview at Hero Festival

Q5: You make eye contact with fans more often than other members. What is your know-how?

Know-how... when fans take pictures, they just, how can I say this? When fans look at us from the audience is very different from when they take pictures of us. When they are videotaping or taking pictures of me, they look like a reporter that’s set on getting a scoop.

Also, you know how there’s a red light in your digial camera, if I see the red light while on the stage, I somehow look at the red light even though we have to look [the other way].

Sometimes I’m surprised [that I make contact very often]. When I realized that there are so many pictures of me making eye contact [with the camera/video camera], I thought ‘oh, I guess I look [at the camera] a lot’. Then without knowing, I became self-concious about that. So... if there are a lot of cameras,.. from now on... I’ll look at more [cameras]...

How many questions were there? How many? How many did I answer so far?
Hmmm, six. How many did I do till now? I think about six. How many?
Ummm, I’ll answer the sixth question.
(He’s talking with the cameraman to see how many questions he answered so far)

Mmm, hmmm, yes... uhh...

Q6: I pride myself on being your fan because you’re an artist, a singer-songwriter. It looks like you’re working on composing songs these days. Which place is the best place for you to write music? Which style of music is the easiest to write? When you have trouble writing lyrics, what do you usually do? How many songs are there that you already made? How many are you working on right now?

Um, this question’s really long.
First of all, honestly, uh...yes, I’ve always thought this. I’m not partial to creating my own music all the time. Rather than feeling like I have to write music, I write music when I feel like it. Because, for example, if I write music because I feel pressured to, then writing music becomes a job rather than something I enjoy doing. I’m a singer, but I become a composer [if I write music because I feel pressured to].

So I want to focus more on singing, and then I’d like to feel that I want to write music and then compose songs for fans... I think that would be better.
I usually work from home.

As for lyrics, I don’t know. I don’t compose nor write lyrics first. I arrange first and then compose. If I don’t like how it’s arranged, if I don’t like the theme, I throw away that number in the middle of the process. There are countless number of songs that I threw away this way. But I still have some songs left.

I lost a hard disk [hard drive] in Japan while moving to another dorm, so I lost about 30 songs. If I counted [the songs I lost at that time], I’d have quite a lot of songs I wrote.

I have a lot of songs I wrote for you to listen to in the future. There are some songs that’s completed already. So please look forward to them. You say you take pride.. in me being a song-writer... so I’ll work hard, work harder in the future.

Next question. There are many difficult questions.

Q7: Are you still managing your body? (meaning watching what you eat, exercising, etc) It looks like you go to gym. Please teach us some simple indoor exercises you do that fans can do with ease.

Ah, I’ll show you an exercise that would be really good for you guys. Please pick something that’s between 0.5 kg and 1kg, like a dumbell, or a heavy bag’s ok, too. Grab it with your hands. Prbably you all know this, push it forward and hold for 3 secs, pull and hold for 3 secs.

If you keep repeating, eh, this...*put his hands on his chest*... when you see pictures, you know...that... you know... valley between your breasts (cleavage)... here... like this.
The reason why I recommend this to you is... please don’t think anything weird *laugh* ehhh, it’s not like that!

If you do this... *covers mouth and laughs* it’s not anything weird. Eh, it’s something you can do easily when you don’t have any exercise equipments at home.

For example, *picks up Jiji* when you have a cat *does the excerise with Jiji* look how easy it is to do this. You can play with your pet and do exercise. *repeats the exericse a few times then turns Jiji around to face the camera* Like this if you look from the front *repeats the exercise muttering something* But Jiji... doesn’t like this at all. So I’ll introduce Jiji later.

I’ll answer the next question.
Uhhh this is quite racy/risque.

Q8. What kind of kiss would you want with your lover if your body gets switched with a girl like in the show “Secret Garden”?

I apologize, I’ve never watched Secret Garden. Because of the picture I tweeted before, I got a lot of questions like “do you watch Secret Garden? How do you like it?” But it’s hard to answer those questions because I haven’t watched Secret Garden.
But since you’ve asked what kind of kiss would you want with a lover...

Umm, what I want is, In Secret Garden, the foam’s over the upper lip. But, mine’s... a little intense... Chin? It doesn’t seem very romantic. But on the chin.

If there was foam on her chin, I think I’d want to kiss [her] in the chin. And I’d pretend to wipe it but put it on the nose, put it on the forehead *pretends to put the foam on his own chin, nose, and forehead. Then pretends to kisses chin, nose and forehead* Ahhhhhhh *laughs* this is soooo embarassing.

1st cr: 볕좋다 재중아
2nd cr: Yuaerubi
3rd cr: Daum Telzon JYJ Gallery
4th Cr: DC Inside TVXQ Gallery


Jaejoong answered 20 questions for the interview, but the person who recorded it couldn't record all of it since her MP3 didn't have enough space. So, sadly, there's no transcript for Q17-20
@The_little_pear already did Q9-16. So please look for it.
Phrases in ( ) are my own explanations of things that can be translated verbatim.

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