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27th Jan 2011 from Twitlonger

Various short fanaccounts at SMTown

I was surprised by how skinny soshi is especially Sooyoung. Their legs are long. The Japanese version of RDR is really cool.

In the entire concert hall the rate of DBSK fans was high (I'm also one of them) , so in my surroundings there were almost no encouraging shouts/chants for soshi. I'm a Yuri fan and during the last song there was a group of guys near me that were screaming, one of them screamed 'Yuri' while waving his Yuri fan. She laughed and pointed at him and she even waved at him. I noticed there were a lot of male fans at SMTown.

I didn't cool down yet from yesterday's excitement. My seat was close to the passage on stage, so I could see snsd up close. My thoughts were that Yoona and Sooyoung were really skinny. When my favorite Tiffany turned towards me I was moved and almost cried. Personally my favorite was the collaboration between Krystal and Jessica. Jessica sang Tik Tok while wearing pink fluffy fur clothes and had curly hair.
It was really the best live!

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