[transcript] Question 13-16/16 Excerpts from Jaejoong's video interview at Hero Festival

Q13: You have a pretty strong self-management. We’re being worried that you’re getting tough diet.
After seeing Jaejoong’s legs, many fans wanna go on diet for 365 days. Please teach us some tips (to have thin legs LOL~)

I have some words to the fans that wanna go on diet for 365 days after seeing my legs.

I really eat a lot! I just go on a diet 2 days before the shooting. Compared to Junsu and Yoochun, I’m not on diet very often.

These legs make problem.
I can feel that the part from the waist down of my body is getting thinner. I know it and I was trying to find out the reason. I will honestly tell you. The reason is that..... I don’t move much.
So everybody too~ Don’t move (? -"- ??)

I do exercise a lot, just my upper body. Lower body workout is really tiring. Sometimes when you walk or go shopping?

So maybe my legs will just stay like this. They are too thin. It’s my legs’ complex.

I’ll try my best to have iron legs (legs with muscles) cuz I need to get married someday too.

Q14: Recently fans are jealous the most with JiJi. What made you raise JiJi? What is the hardest thing while raising him?

Well… Actually, every time I look at myself in the mirror, I get this feeling: “Ah~ really like a cat”. I mean, rather than personality, appearance, right?
I have thought much about cat. Then for a moment, a thought passed by “Ah~ Should I try to raise a cat?” And I ended up going to a pet shop with manager hyung.

And Vick…

Vick is at my parents’ house now. I need to say sorry to Vick but………………………………………………

He has become a yellow-dog! Kekeke
That very famous… that luxury kind of dog… has become a yellow-dog now.
It’s just… Compared to dog, he looks more like a cow now.

When I go see my parents, I‘ll take a picture of him and show you guys.

Q15: You use twitter as a tool to communicate with fans. The tweet the most memorable? Twitter’s advantages and disadvantages?

Well… First, the most memorable tweet….
There are many mentions that have same meaning. Cuz I took picture with JiJi…. “I want to become JiJi” or “I want to become JiJi’s rice bowl” hahaha~~
Or “I want to become JiJi’s clothes”…
Many fans tweeted to me like that.
Ha…. Though…. What? Isn’t it? “I want to become JiJi’s food.”

Want to become food, want to become clothes… This is… rather… Ah~ But …. It’s not like that… hahaha

But I really appreciate it, I’m really thankful that you love me that much

Twitter’s advantages…. Uhm….
Like you said, I can communicate with everybody and we show you my true feelings. It’s really good.

About disadvantages…

I want to share my thoughts to you but the information I shared get much distorted. Or people write comments for us in the bad way. This is big disadvantages.

I have thought a lot before post those tweets. There are emotional words and rational words too. (It’s hard to chose the word here, he want to say that some of his tweets were posted when he was too emotional and some were not)

But really, you know that I lack a place where I can express my feelings, right? So twitter is an excellent place. I hope that I can talk a lot on twitter. And please don’t blame Yoochun and Junsu for not tweeting much.

I will try to tweet as much as possible. Haha

Q16: We make choices at every moment of our lives. When the time comes for you to make an important decision, is there anyone who you prioritize to talk with or you think of as a mentor?

It’s a really good question.
Honestly, in this career, you need to make choices at every little moment. It's really tiring. Tiring and… Uhmm… For example, people around us, manager hyung, our representative, our members… do help us a lot.

In fact, I chose that life and have been living like that but I don’t have any mentor. Who to admire, who I want to be like, who I don’t want to be like, I don’t have such thing.
I want to be a person like me.


JiJi is my mentor! (Awwww this guy~~)
Look at him. He’s sleeping behind me now.
Really... The most comfortable life in the world haha
There are a lot of things that we can learn from cats. Everybody too... please learn from them. Haha

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There were 20 questions, @Spring_Breezes is translating Q1-8, and I'm working on Q9-16. Phrases in () is my explanation.

I'm not native Korean neither native English so my translation might not be exact 100%. Pls feel free to correct me^^

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