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26th Jan 2011 from Twitlonger

JYJ for Shorty awards!
The reason why I am writing this down, is because I really want the boys to win. Not because I want them to come to New York. Did you guys take a look at the judges for the shorty awards? No? well here is the link to the judges http://rtacademy.org/
They are very well known peeps!
The shorty award isn't a very big one but it isn't a small one either. If our JYJ boys wins, then these important judges will know our boy's potential. Not that it will open up opportunities, it will gain recognition for them. Even if the boys don't come to NY to pick up their award..let's just be thankful they won okay? That should be our unconditional love for the boys.

First of all..just because they are on 1st position doesn't mean they will win. Right now we are voting for them to be nominated. Top 6 gets nominated to be on the finalists on each category and then the judges decide who to pick as a winner. They will look at every reason..so Please everyone, when you vote try to be creative with your answer and give a heart-touching answer. Even if they are 1st position and have crappy reasons then they won't win..so those who keep voting things like "because he is my oppa or because he is hot!" retweet again with a better reason PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! this is very important!(stop being lazy, take some minutes to think about your reason before voting)

second of all...not everyone is reading the rules..so please click on rules and read it. However I'll give a summery here. You can only vote once per category. If you vote more than once per category, it just replaces your previous vote. Also don't try to create new twitter accounts just to vote..because their system is able to recognize spammers and only counts the votes of active twitter members. If you continue to spam, its going to jeopardize our boys from winning.

This what we should focus more on voting right now.

Jaejoong @mjjejje is on number 1 spot for celebrity

Junsu @0101xiahtic is on number 9th spot for music
Vote here -->http://shortyawards.com/0101xiahtic
results here ---> http://shortyawards.com/category/music

Yoochun @6002themicky is on number 5th position for entertainment.
Vote here --->http://shortyawards.com/6002theMicky
Results here http://shortyawards.com/category/entertainment

Keep voting, but remember give creative heart touching reasons!! JYJ AJA AJA FIGHTING !!


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