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25th Jan 2011 from Twitlonger

Translation of a fanaccount at SMTown Tokyo
I made one correction

My seat was on the first floor on the northern side but Yuri, Sunny, Hyoyeon and Taeyeon came really close to us.

They sang the Japanese version of Run devil Run

There was no self-introduction but the girls passed through the audience on stage.

Everybody was really cute. On top of them singing and dancing perfectly their style was also good. Their personality was awesome and I came to like them even more.

(This girl is a Tiffany fan so she talked about Fany more)
1. During "Kissing You", Tiffany talked in Japanese asking, "Do you guys know this song?" which got the audience to go wild.
2.During the last greetings she threw confetti that was in front of her to the audience

And also she had a smile of angel.

Fitting their outfits, Fany and Jessica's hairdo was changed.

credit: Miya at mixi (snsd community)

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