Find out who you can trust and who is lying:

"Any time you meet a human being and become associated with him socially, it would be of some benefit to know, by looking at him and talking to him for a couple of minutes, what this individual had in store for you in his friendship with you."

— L. Ron Hubbard

Would you like to be able to:

• Know what other people intend to do?

• Know who you can depend on?

• Who you can trust?

Now you can see through the surface appearances and really know the being in front of you!

In fact, you'll learn in minutes the equivalent of years of experience with a person.

In the Special Course in Human Evaluation Lectures, L. Ron Hubbard shows you how to apply the technology of Science of Survival and The Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation to any area of life. Here are the skills to make you a master at spotting people's emotional tone. It's easy — when you know what to look for.

And this lecture series lays it all out, showing you how you can predict what a person will do from his/her:

• physical appearance
• reaction to motion
• the way they handle machinery
• the condition of their car
• the state of their desk drawer
• and a lot more!

And you'll learn how to expertly use these same tools to gain agreement, cooperation and action. For example, you will discover tools to help you:

• know who to trust
• who is lying
• who will repay the loan and who won't
• how to get cooperation from someone in anger, grief, etc.
• how to talk to people at different emotional tones so they actually hear you
• and much, much more

There will be no more guesswork about people.

Know them and know how to deal with them. The skills you need are all here — in the Special Course in Human Evaluation Lectures.

This series is now available on CDs and includes ten lectures, transcripts, glossary and a guide booklet of related issues.

Get this lecture series now.

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