[trans: UPDATED Interview with Jeje's parents Pt. 2/2 - excerpt from JJB, JaeJung's Birthday Book]

Q ; so there’s a new newphew/niece in the family, JaeJung really adores him/her. ^^ What is he like as an uncle?

Father; He adores her so much. He holds her a lot, and what is it? You know how you put [a baby] in the hoodie, what is it called? He puts her on his shoulders, hugs her a lot, he really adores her.

Q ; Sooner than later...You want grandchildren [from JaeJung].. after he gets married...

Father; hahaha

Q ; when [people] see a baby, sometimes they think “oh, I want a baby, too”. Does he ever talk about that?

Father; Well, we think about that~ but we don’t talk to JaeJung about it because he doesn’t [seem interested/not ready/not the right time yet, it's not clear what the father is saying] yet. 우리는 그런 마음 있느데~재중이한테 그런 애기는 안해.아직은 저기 한다고 하니깐

Q ; Did he take any food with him this time?

Mother; [I] made him kimchee, dong chi mi and cabbage kimchee.

Q ; What did he like the most?

Mother; he liked white kimchee (the non-spicy kind) and all… [He] liked cabbage kimchee and scallion kimchee.

Q ; His sister said [they] made duk bok kee last year and what not, she shared fun stories~ Are there any this time around?

Mother ; yes. His sister Min Kyung made a lot [of food] for him, but he couldn’t eat them too much either because he had a shooting the next day.

Q; Did he ever talk about any dramas, movies or some other areas/fields?

Mother : Probably.. [he said] to wait for good results. That there are going to be good results. So wait for them.
Please cheer for JaeJung~ JaeJung won’t go against (meaning disappoint) his fans.

Q; Please say good bye words for his fans.

Father; We couldn’t attend [the birthday party] this year because of the circumstances, so we feel really disappointed. I want fans to be more understanding (verbatm trans, I personally think he means to be patient with JaeJung) in the future.
There were a lot of fans at the concert even though the weather was so cold. Fans troubled themselves and came to both concerts, and I came on both days, too. I even went on the bus (he made a surprise visit to the JaeJung Bus! ^^)

I really felt that JaeJung didn’t lose his fans’ heart. Even though here and there [things are happening – he’s referring to the plight JaeJung is in], there are still a lot of fans who follow him and that’s why JYJ exists now, this came to my mind. Please do more just like that in the future (meaning continue to support him in the future), so fans can help JaeJung can grow more. That is my hope as his father.

Mother: There have been a lot of wandering around, and he's just starting anew. But a lot of fans respond to (meaning love) him and follow him. So [a lot of fans] came to the concert when it was so cold, they came on both days and watched the conert till the very end, and I was very grateful for that.
And JYJ owes it all to you fans that they came this far. Please support, lead and push from behind (meaning back up) JYJ and JaeJung, Kim, Jae Jung, so that [they] will be even more popular and successful.
And dear fans who have prepared the birthday party and who came to the party, please stay healthy and I wish you a happy new year.

* I think a lot is lost in translation…But as a native speaker of Korean, I can tell based on the interview as that his parents love JaeJung deeply and are very grateful of his fans.
They sound like such good-hearted people. Now I know why JaeJung is such a good-natured guy who is affectionate and always considerate of others - he got that from his family. *

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