[trans: Interview with Jeje's father Pt 1/2 - excerpt from JJB, JaeJung's Birthday Book]

Q; There was a long vacation after the concert, did you all get together and spend time together?

Jeje’s father: Yes, we were all together.

Q : Jaejung travels overseas often, this must be the first time to meet with his family after the concert. What was it like to see him in such a long time?

Fater: After they left [SME] and did a concert, it looked like they were laid the foundation to a certain degree. My family and I were all happy. And then he came to visit us and spent time with his sisters, so it looked like he was leading a very comfortable and stable life.

Q : Oh, so more stable than before~ I’m sure it looked like he was more comfortable because he has more free time now.

Father: He could come home and rest comfortbly with his sisters, and there was much less pressure (means less uncomfortable) in terms of family atmostphere now, and he’s not as busy as before, so he had a good rest.

Q : It was so cold on the evening of the concert. Did he talk about the conert at all?

Father; I was so cold. I was really cold. If it wasn’t my kid, I don’t think I would have gone [to the concert]. But I went because my own child was doing it, and it was all really worth the trouble.

Q ; [your heart] Must have been filled with emotions.

Father; of course, beyond words.

Q ; You know Jaejung does this thing called twitter a lot. He tweeted that he cried so much… at the after party after the concert.

Father; I don’t know. I didn’t go to the after party.

Q ; So he didn’t really show it [that he cried] at all when he’s back home?

Father: yes, he didn’t really show it [that he cried a lot]

Q ; yes, [he only shows] the bright side

Father; yeah

Q ; it looks like he’s lost a lot of weight. Did he lose a lot of weight?

Father; he didn’t lose weight, he probably gained weiht. Haha

Q; Was there anything interseting/fun while he was back home? Or did he just have a good~ rest?

Father; We played gostop, and he took all his mom’s and dad’s money. He took all his sisters’ money as well.

Q ; hahaha, he swept everyone’s money away~

Father; Yes

Q; By the way, didn’t he eat less because he’s on a diet? He seemed like he wasn’t eating much b/c he exercised and stuff.

Father; even what his mom makes… not only because he’s on a diet, but it was just a little less.

Q ; Oh…. So [he was] eating less.

Father ; he barely eats. After he eats dinner, even if others eat he won’t eat too much.

Q ; But he drinks alcoholic drinks (^^:) a bit, no?

Father: he didn’t drink. He was eager about losing weight. He said he gained too much [weight].

Q ; It must have been sad for you (안쓰러우시겠어요) because he didn’t eat well..

Father; It’s always like that for parents. When our children come back home, we [parents] want our children to eat a lot of good food, eat what we make for them, and that'll be great.
But it was sok sang ha ji (속상하지, a mixture of sad, upset, worried, etc.) because he won’t eat what we make for him once he finishes his dinner because he’s on a diet.

Part 2/2 coming soon.

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