Episode 02 - 2 (last one!) Mr. Yeo, Joon Young wrote about his impressions of JaeJung in JJB book (JJ's Birthday book, given to fans at his birthday party).

A lot of people asked me about "the reason why I follow JaeJung shi only".

I asked JaeJung while conversing, "you can't read all the twitter mentions you get from fans, right? You must be getting thousands..."

JaeJung said, "I could read if there were a few thousands. But the other morning I left my computer on and came back in the evneing and found a few tens of thousands, no, a few hundreds of thousands, anyway, it was so many"

Yuchun was listening to us, and he was suprised and asked "wow, really?"
I was suprised too and said "if I tweet to you, you won't even be able to find my tweet". I asked in passing.

But JaeJung said "If I find you and follow you, I can read your tweets. What is your ID?" I thought he asked in passing.


The next morning, I got a mention from a JYJ fan, "Mr. President, JaeJung oppa is following you. I'm envious".

I visited JaeJung's twitter, and he really remembered what we talked about the day before, found me and followed me.
Borrowing from what kids say these days, I was "hu guk" (*gasp*).

[I thought] this doesn't make sense.
Because after they left the cafe, they had so many appointments/schedules to go to (and the day before, they were going around doing interviews) that I was sure they were exhausted when they got home. I never expected he'd remember what we talked about in passing during the day and followed me when we practically met for the first time.

As you know, there are about 4 thousand people who follow me. But for the longest time, I followed nobody.

On the surface level, the rationale is I don't want to be found out in terms of whom I like and whom I dislike.
If I follow someone and don't follow someone else, that person that I don't follow might feel sad (seo woon ha da). So I couldn't follow anyone.

So I was following 0 no matter what, but it became a big task (i think "task" here means something siilar to burden, but a positive of burden..) to me.
None other than JAEJUNG of the world followed me first.
This is why I'm following JaeJung only out of the three.

I'm going to remain as one of the fans who wish everything goes well for them, watching them from far away.

I won't get involved directly, but if there is something my staffers need to help their work, I'll support from the top.

Happy birthday, JaeJung.
I said in twitter "do you want me to send you the elephant?" but I didn't get a reply. My offer still stands~ ^^

- the end -

geez, i'm a lousy translator. >_<

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