Mr. Yeo, Joon Young wrote about his impressions of JaeJung in JJB book (JJ's Birthday book, given to fans at his birthday party). I find what Yeo said about Jeje soooo sweet. It looks like Jeje is surrounded by good-hearted ppl. :)

Unexpected, [which makes him] even more attractive
Written by. Yeo, Joon Young CEO of Praine(@yeojy)

Sweet dad. Friendly CEO.
Found of Praine that's in charge of PR for JYJ
He follows only 1 person, JaeJung on Twitter. We appraoched him with courage and asked him. What kind of person is JaeJung you met?

Episode 01.

On the first day of showcase at Koryo University's gymnasium, officials asked me to come to the show case. I sat on the second floor all the way in the back row along with audience not to interrupt the show.

Suprisingly, that day is the first time ever for me to see them sing including their TVCQ era.

They were doing so well.

After the daytime show, staff from my company wanted to introduce me to JYJ. But I tried to avoid it because it was awkward, I didn't have anything particular to talk about, and also I was afraid I'd interrupt them when they were resting. Somehow I was taken (?) to the waiting room (green room) where they were. The 3 were sitting down when the door was opened.

Kim, JaeJung had no top on, but when I entered and [my] staff introduced me, he got up all of a sudden and started putting on clothes quickly saying he was sorry.
[but] I was the one who was embarassed and sorry.
That place was their waiting room, and I was the one who was interrupting their break.
The other two got up quickly and greeted me, too.
I felt so bad (sorry) that I couldn't even greet them properly and left the room saying "No, I disturbed your break. I enjoyed your show. I'll see you again."
It probably took less than 30 seconds to enter and leave that room.

It was really unexpected because they're world famous idols (I thought top stars' general attitudes would be sitting in the waiting room with their legs crossed and staring [people] with the expression of "who the heck are you?" ^^)

Episode 2 is coming.

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