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22nd Jan 2011 from Twitlonger

Must Read! From JYJ essay, by Junsu.

Our Story

Hi, friends,
Will you listen to our story?

We were children with many dreams.
We loved songs so much,
Sang from heart,
Wanted to meet many friends.

Through the days of sweaty practice and white nights in the recording studios,
We had families who suffered together and numerous friends.

Finally, we could see the fruits of our efforts of blood and sweat
With our own eyes and hands.

Worrying our behavior would hurt the family’s heart,
We carefully behaved and followed family’s words unconditionally.

Family always told us.
Don’t look at the world outside and block your ears from the sound heard.
Everything is estrangement, everything is a lie.

And then one day,
So many facts were exposed.
We, still children with grown body, were so confused with the facts,
And could not control ourselves.

In no time we became adults.
We looked at the world even when asked not to look at,
We listened even when asked not to hear.
We grew to the age that can tell what was the lie and what was the truth.

The family we have known till then
Was not the family as we had thought.
Our hearts were bruised and minds got sick.
Could not believe anyone
and changed to a situation that we never imagined.

We gradually realized,
Looking at ourselves who were changing and losing dreams

This is not where we should be.
There should be wider and brighter world.
If there is not, we will make it with our songs.

Out of the fence of the so called the family “who is not the family”
We decided to make a new nest.
A nest that can heal our hurt soul and dream.

We are now making our nest.
Our friends became family
And have numerous new family.

Despite the interruption of people who used to be family,
With the help of new family
We can sing again.

The first day we came to sing again
Tears did not stop.

We wanted to sing again and make songs.
Now we can meet family only on stages,(note: not on tv)
But we are doing real love as our heart leads.

Now we know.
Only those who love people and trust people
Can dream a dream and have hope.

My family is filled with love and trust,
And our story will continue.

Will you listen to our stories forever?

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