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20th Jan 2011 from Twitlonger

Letter from Helena (the JYJ internet radio admin)
(source: TZ JYJ gallery, Jan 19 morning, Korean time)

(greetings omitted)

Guys, haven’t you been curious about the internet broadcasting station (for JYJ)?
The preparation to establish the i-station for JYJ is well on the process. At first, I started project as an individual fan’s present to JYJ and fandom. (note: she purchased whole lot of broadcasting equipment with her own money). When I revealed my idea in order to recruit volunteers, however, the issue became so big and got out of my hand. Now it became a global issue. Now I cannot set back.

Last Saturday, when I still was not aware of how big and public this issue of internet broadcasting station was, I made a mistake and made a fuss on this web. (note: One of her old reply on the website showed her preference on specific members in a rude way. So some fans criticized whether this internet radio will become biased for a specific member.) I feel so sorry and hope to solve all misunderstanding.

But, that criticism became rather a good chance for our internet radio station. Ajumma fans like me could learn from it about old fans’ mind. We learned that individual preference on specific member should not be said out loud in the programs.

It was great and lucky that the event happened right before our meeting to make a big picture of the station. Thanks to that, we could make the programs more simple and detailed at the same time. Maybe, that event happened to realize a miracle, the internet station. I really appreciate it. (note: personally I am very impressed. This ajumma fan knows to learn from negative experience and move on!)

The station started from my small idea, but the more the expectation grows, the more the size of it becomes. Now, the i-station is beyond me one individual and is of the whole fandom.

Last Monday, running here and there to meet people for the establishment, I totally gave up the idea that the i-station is mine. And I made a conclusion that ilovejyj.com can only be run 100% by fans together (note: she means, fans collectively not by her alone)

Now, more than 40 volunteers are participating in this i-station and more people will join us in the future. So we need some structure and board members. We need to think more about how to structure this system.

“Internet music station established by fans,
for singers from which big powers deprived of chances to appear on major broadcasting stations” This has a enormously historical power. And you and we will make it eventually.
I will record of the process of establishment every day without exception, and will publicize the whiltepaper on establishment. Please wait for us with trust. A new history of fandom, you guys are writing.

Fans, support and cheer us unconditionally until March 3, the day of opening.

Ps. If you have any opinion or want to volunteer,
Please email to helena62@hotmail.co.kr.
Please understand if there is no reply. Soon we will make a site for communication.
Thanks for reading my long letter.


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