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20th Jan 2011 from Twitlonger

<Important Recruitment Announcement:Global dot-network for JYJ by small people like you and me>

Recruitment of "Dots" for JYJ for better communication among international fans

In order to support JYJ more effectively
and in order not to see the boys perish helplessly by the cartel of large companies and producers,
we need to cooperate at this critical time.

There are fans' projects going on to help JYJ both in Korea and other part of the world, but they need to be communicated better.Many wonderful projects are circulated only among English-speaking fans or Korean-speaking fans, because we do not know how to reach each other.Thus, I suggest you to stand up together as a dot of network for your own country.

Witnessing the number of followers of my twitter explosively growing from 1 to 1000 just in a week, I found a hope that if small people like me cooperate together, we can solve the problem of lack of communication in global JYJ fandom.

While big blogs and websites are doing wonderful jobs, the managers of those big sites are busy to do everything for us. On the other hand, while twitter is doing wonderful work to help our communication, we need to reach further to non-English speaking fans. So we "dots" can help pass information to each person's home country. Also, each dot can send information about her own country's fans so that the global fandom know your existence. Through this, we can be united beyond the territory of twitters and blogs and beyond English-speaking fans.

So, please be part of this network to pass information to your own country. I think 2-3 dots from each country will be ideal, but we will see.

If you want to be a "dot" of global network and be in charge of passing important projects to your country's websites for at least next three months (at least until the court's first judgment is made), please fill in the following application and send it by lovejyj1111@gmail.com by this SUNDAY(your country's time).

Please understand that the application includes some writing request in the application, because we together have to find proper "dots" to develop a trust-worthy network.

Application Form
1. Name(you can use nickname):
2. Country:
3. Age:
4. your twitter account (You must have twitter to be dot)
4. Your lanaguage:
5. About Student/ Work (not in detail, but what kind of):
6. Why do you want to be a "Dot":
7. What do you think(want) the network of "Dot" can do for JYJ and fandom?

Once your application is submitted, you will get notice that your application is accepted. And the result will be announced early next week.

Korean fandom of JYJ is writing a new history of "fandom." And if we make i-fans' networks of dot, it can be another history of Korean wave fandom. :) But more importantly, this is part of our efforts to support our dearest JYJ, who needs our help the most right now.

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