Final statement regarding media & questions about Jared:

Thank you for the interview offers. I am declining any further interviews.

I think now is the time for us to mourn, & the time to heal. Whether are wounds are physical or within our selves. The focus should be on the victims & their families. At times in life we witness acts of malicious intent, & wonder who could do such a thing. Sadly, I know the face of this tragedy. I know his laugh, I know his voice, and have many memories from yesteryear, they haunt me. The boy I knew then, was kind, understanding, funny, & a great listener. The man he became, is a mind I do not know, his malevolence is something I will never understand. I hope one day we can all come to find our own sense of peace & understanding in spite of this event. Now is the time to mourn, not a time to speak.

Thank you,
Caitie Parker.

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