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10th Jan 2011 from Twitlonger

[To calculate Korean Age][Why Yuchun said Jaejoong has became 27years old]
So many people asked to me why Yuchun said Jaejoong has became 27years old. Korean people particularly calculate the age. We use Korean Age. People usually calculate their age by their DOB. But we are a little different.

If baby was born, many of you think that baby is 0year old. And after a month, baby became 1 month old. Right? But we are different. In Korea, if baby was born, baby became 1 year old in Korean age.

We calculate the age before baby is born. In other words, we consider the age that baby spent the time in mother's womb. So baby naturally is 1 year old.

For example.. If you was born in March 1986 or was born in December 1986, you're just 26years old in Korean age.

And we call the age that you use, 만나이(mannai).

But you still wonder.. according to you, Jaejoong would become 26years old.. if so why Yuchun said Jaejoong has became 27years old..

I want to ask you first.
Why do Yuchun and Junsu call Hyung to Jaejoong? They're the same Korean age and Yuchun is just 4months younger than Jaejoong.

It's because the age of entering school. In Korea, new semester starts in March and ends in February next year. So children who would become 7 years old(not Korean age), enter the school during the period.

For example, Jaejoong was born in January 1986 and he is 26 years old. But JJ's friends were born from 1st of March in 1985 to end day of February in 1986. So his friend are almost 27 years old in Korean age. So Yuchun said like that.

On the other hand, friends of Yuchun and Junsu were born from 1st of March in 1986 to end day of February in 1987. So friends of Junsu and Yuchun are almost 26 years old in Korean age.

Therefore, although the age gap is just 4months between JJ and YC, they are different grade.
JJ is a grade above YC. So YC calls Hyung to JJ.

In Korea, twins also distinguish Hyung(Unnie) and Dongsaeng(younger brother/sister). Just like this, Korean people think to discuss the age quite significantly. It's a pretty hard and complicated to understand.. Right?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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