Harry James potter
Age; varying
Birthday; 31st august
Black hair, green eyes, glasses and unfortunately, a scar.
House; gryffindor
Patronus; stag

Rp 1; in love with @MrsGinnyPotter with the support of my best mate @won_wonweasley

Rp 2; good friends with both @Emma_peters and her twin @Ellie_peters but I guess it's changed a bit since Ellie spilled my feelings for Emma

Rp 3; happily with @Ginnyweasley7

Rp 4; when I left for the war I didn't think @ginnyweasley7 would ever forgive me. And for a while it was proving correct. But ever since @snorcacks admitted her feelings for me, there's a bit of a war going on, and one of theme even getting vengeful *cough* Ginny *cough*

Rp 5; @TinyMione was left for dead by our best friend, and it drew us closed together. Closer than already. Until she admitted after I couldn't, that she loved me. And I love her.

Rp 6; @LilyInAPot_ is my daughter, that's all :)

Rp 7; @Witchy_Kira is my utterly nutseth, yet brillianteth friend! She might even be worth being put in a straight jacket....

Rp 8; @DH_katra22 is my girlfriend with a secret... A bit secret. But I don't care.

Rp 9; seeing @IzabellaVellers drinking a Deers blood in the forest was a shock I wont deny... But getting to know her fast. She's worth it.

Rp 10; @Ron_Weasley12 and @The_hermione are my best mates, and were planning to go soon. To prepare. Unfortunately, the girl I love won't take it. @_GinnyMWeasley is very upset about it, which causes a lot. Can we all make it until we leave, or will we fall apart before we even get that far.

Rp 11; @Pure_Hildi and I were kept back after class, then we got talking and I'm guessing you know what happened then. Now, were happy together, but also trying to deal with her visions of voldemort. And what he'll do to us both.

Rp 12; @SlytherinKaye and I started off as just friend. I guess it changed pretty fast. She's a great girl.

Rp 13; @VeronicaBerries is a great friend, I like helping her learn too, when she explained her memory to me, I told her the truth. And now were together.

If I've forgotten any of you I'm sorry. Please let me know x

Awesome rpers that deserve a mention; @won_wonweasley @SmartMione @dmslytherin @RemiL_OWS @romilda_vane @HarryJamesPt @seeker_potter77

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