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8th Jan 2011 from Twitlonger

[Article][Why SM artist attacked for JYJ is a sense of crisis][via @mickeyyuchun translated by @theyoungestmin]

When I watched a scathing attack on JYJ, I rather confirmed that they felt a lot of sense of crisis for JYJ.

First, after JYJ won a case to apply for an injunction against them, JYJ each work, Musical and Drama, achieved more than expected and it made them sullen.

Second, JYJ achieved recognition as their potential ability and popularity to the public through their showcases in Asia and US and concerts in Seoul, and it also stimulated their sense of crisis.

Third, JYJ's fandom is expanding and also can't ignore their influences. As those things will be directly connected to purchasing power, they'll disturb SM's market power in this industry.

Fourth, this is an essential thing. They don't have a justification. The judgement of FTC and in other trials, they also think that there's no possibility to win. Because they have no a justification, they can predict long term loss of profit, market power weakness. So I think their all-out attack was launched.

Their logic is just one. It's an ingratitude or a betrayal and favor. Those things are the best way to respond on SM that their staff felt like a family. although they worked upon another's feeling, not logics, and they mislead the essence of conflicts which are human rights and the basic legal rights of labor, and finally they want to make JYJ immoral people. They seem to fight desperately though they were determined to make a loss their image.

They are afraid of JYJ and their fandom. Of course they have many popular singers to affect to the public and they maneuver behind the group like FKPCAI(the Federation of Korean public culture and artistic industry) and broadcasting companies but someday their manager will go anhd handle it.

But, how's the reality?

A normal person who have practical experience know it that 'business ethics: like a family' is a fiction to suppress and to sacrifice working people. There are certainly many businessmen with business ethics: 'like a family' But there's no silly person to distinguish truth and false.

JYJ will win a fight in the end.
Because they have a justification, courage, and a dream. And they have their fandon to support them. To love someone is the same thing to protect them. What protect JYJ who take courage and have a dream with difficulty is the only our support and active backings. I will also try to support much harder than before. It may be long-term fight. But Cheer up, everyone!

By Aquarius(ji7**)

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