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6th Jan 2011 from Twitlonger

JYJ* fans yesterday report

JYJ fans spam report as much as possible on junsu twitter article so, many vicious comments were erased(rare to make this happen, actually never seen this happen, even w Jay park madness...), jyj fans faught hard for junsu yesterday, fans more feel f junsu, cauze knowing junsu character, he doesn't express his emo like jj or micky.. however, Hmfans have more reason to attack JYJ, it became public dis on their side of view.

to junsu from me: it's ok, sometimes you have to express too

ABOUT yuchun asking junsu during interview, "why did you do that" ( direct translation of junsu waguraeseo, really means what happened,.... junsu"
Micky express holding children Ango vs dle go... not perfect choice of KR words during kbs news program
SAD to watch jorno use junsu and micky's words without any context use to create more drama ... and more sad to watch all english news and tvxq thread using direct translation

LANGUAGE burier is too big.... truth might reach inter fans slower than i think
>>> *** http://thejyjfiles.wordpress.com/ spread this type a good article and write more.. JYJ fans let's do it... love can cure... love can make miracle easy !!

REALITY OF OUR STAR, JYJ has to be always strong no mater what circumstance, not like HM. they don't have any room to be wrong at any moments....

as long as we focus to look outside and compare situation w HM and past etc
we have to live in fear constantly
why don't we think we are already lost so bad that nothing to loose anymore in any secular sense^^

we need to listen more JYJ music w joy and passion and give JYJ constructive feedback and grow as an real artist and artist fans
and if we are more happy than any other group, ppl will drawn to us even with any poor superficial condition
LET"S look inside glory is kingdom of heaven is within us


MORE JYJ BIGGEST VOICING UP after hm album release
JYJ essay album rank #1 over hm album at HMV without any proper promo
THANK YOU, JYJ biggest

K-Fandom report

DC is confirmed to support JYJ. ( don't show sign of official announcement, very progressive thread and hate formality) - nobody can argue about DC is completely pro JYJ stans
5 supporting individuals are returning hm cd now

DNBN admini is still in discussion... however, mass majority are supporting JYJ, more and more. DNBN going after origin of JYJ rumors, antis

Daum 20 sum fancafe: officially pro JYJ

Betsties: MUCH more pro JYJ, increase more after album, yoonho thanks to
going through war now, experiencing server down along w dnbn and DC

yuerubi:many move to daum fancafe, after official announcement
left with youth... this is the place hm and jyj fans fighting hardest to keep thread

telzone hm thread(main base of hm fans) are focus on yuerubi now

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