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6th Jan 2011 from Twitlonger

Let me get something straight w/ everyone here because I am seriously frustrated right now:

When people imply MJ was an "addict" as in the very word, not the condition, you are lumping him into a group of people, intentional or likely not, who typically begin their drug abuse/problems in their teens via experimentation, they abuse multiple drugs (upppers and downers of any kind), they will take any substance whether they know what it is or not, they do not take drugs like Oxycontin by mouth nor take it for pain--they crush tablets up and then shoot them into their veins for the brief feeling of whatever it is they wish to feel, usually "euphoria". THAT is an "addict". THAT is what the public is now believing Michael to be because they do not know the details that most people on my Twitter or who love Michael know. All the public knows is he is an "addict" or "junkie", even, thanks to idiots like Deepak Chopra who claim propofol gives a BIG euphoria when in reality it usually gives a patient nothing but a COMA, and thanks to idiots like Schmuley Boteach who claim MJ was self-injecting drugs to get high though he has no proof or eyewitness accounts to this.

If someone takes a medication for pain and find themselves using it more often or cannot stop taking it--that is tolerance/dependence to a medication. They are not an "addict" and certainly not a "junkie". If someone is taking a pain medication for pain, they are not an "addict". If someone is taking a sedative for anxiety or sleep that is not an "addict". If someone finds themselves taking more of the sedative or cannot sleep without it, they are dependent or tolerant, not an "addict". You all may know the difference but the public does not and does not care to know the difference concerning Michael Jackson, especially if this negative connotation is already established in their mindframe. This isn't fair to Michael's legacy and it is not fair to his kids.

Please stop lumping Michael into a group he doesn't belong. Unless you have proof Michael was taking drugs for a high, that he was crushing tablets and shooting them up in his veins to get high, stop calling him an addict. Until someone can prove to me that propofol causes physical withdrawals and tolerance, stop calling him an addict. Until someone can prove to me he was self-injecting drugs he had no medical purpose for, stop calling him an addict.

I know of three supposed times Michael supposedly received "rehab"--once in 1993 in the UK (during which he still conducted business concerning the ATV catalog nonetheless, while hopping around on various friends' Estates), once in 1999 in South Korea per Myung Ho Lee who also said MJ intoxicated children w/ alcohol as far back as 1997 and was Maureen Orth's top source for her filthy article that claims MJ practiced voodoo, and once in 2004 in Colorado per a "doctor" named "Dr." Sebi who is not a doctor nor even a college or high school graduate. He claims he can cure AIDS and claims he treated MJ for "addiction" yet he cannot even write a prescription. He also tried to sue Michael for failure to pay for "treatment"--Sebi says he was owed $380,000 for his "services" which do not include the practice of medicine in any form. Most actual physicians cannot even treat addiction, certainly excluding any and all witchdoctors.

So, what does that leave us with? The autopsy report which states he was healthy physically, the prescriptions found at the house which almost all had leftover medications and were not used in excess, the lack of charges for any of Michael's recent doctors (besides Murray the liar), etc., even with fake names provided, too, most of which were not found on medications in the house (two contained psuedonyms, both were antibiotics left unfinished).

I am not here to deny proof or facts--I am actively searching for them and open to any and all of them. If Michael was an addict, somehow, and defied all scientific facts I have been able to come across, so be it, I will not stop caring about him and certainly will not stop blaming Murray for his death, either. But, until I can have some facts and proof regarding Michael being an "addict" or using drugs for a recreational high I really do not care to hear him called such. I hope everyone understands my stance.

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