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6th Jan 2011 from Twitlonger

Fan Account from People's Choice Award

I had an amazing time! soo much fun! i sat in a room with Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart! and YAYYYY KRISTEN WON BEST ACTRESS!!

K so time for details! Rob Kristen looked sooo cute tonite! omg especially kristen (no offence rob) but she looked So pretty hair&outfit;As usual tho lol. The 3 of them came later during the show (i had my binoculars) lol so i was looking all over for them then i saw them!

and basically i was staring at them the entire time with my biniculors, and screaming for them lol

Yep, ALOT! @KristenBeMyBFF @ClevverTV Saw them have many cute moments that were not filmed while I was there :)

Kristen would lean over to Rob & just chill, i think Rob was playing around w/something of Kristen's & he would lean over to whisper to her!

they whispered alot 2 each other & laughed! along w/ taylor too. rob stood up during break to talk to some man & after he sat down, talkd to kristen, probably about whatever him and the guy was talking about. They all seemed to be having a good time!

kristen & taylor laughed at some stuff together, yea but she talked to Rob Alot! so many cute moments!!

Thank you Cecilia for sharing

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