StubHub is no longer selling tickets to the BCS National Champ Game. Here's Why: "As a result of the high demand and scarcity of BCS National Championship Game tickets, we have been unable to fulfill some customers’ orders," said StubHub spokesperson Joellen Ferrer. "Unfortunately, one of our larger sellers for this event could not secure enough tickets to fulfill all of their confirmed sales, which has caused a trickle-down effect. We have purchased as many tickets as are available to help fill customers’ orders, however we are still short of tickets due to the incredibly high demand for this game. Additionally, we have currently stopped the resale of BCS National Championship Game tickets on StubHub and have chosen to reach out to buyers to offer them an incentive to more than double their purchase price in exchange for their tickets. Should buyers choose to resell their tickets, we will use them to fill the outstanding orders. StubHub will not be re-listing any of these tickets on its site. This was done in an effort to satisfy as many customers as possible, while standing by our FanProtect guarantee that states that all confirmed ticket orders will be fully refunded if they are not delivered on time, authentic, and as good or better than the tickets ordered."

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