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5th Jan 2011 from Twitlonger

Hey Twitties. So, Sunday night Dallas radio station KDGE played "Smarter". The song was apparently ripped from @AdvClub podcast and by yesterday it was everywhere as if we'd made available a new free track for download haHa:@observerdallas http://bit.ly/hpU84h, @ABSOLUTEPUNK http://bit.ly/hpU84h, @altpress http://bit.ly/hnarVS and others including our fan site:http://bit.ly/gvZNA1, who said, "sorry, we were too excited. We had to post it". We laughed.

We never intended that to happen but honestly don't care. It's sorta awesome actually. We appreciate any social site who loves us so... yeah.

Anyway, our label was like, "oh well when you get a lemon, make lemon juice; so should we, at least, stream the quality version on your fb page?". (us: "Yup").

So it's up. (Sound Cloud player, sorry iPhones. Blame Steve Jobs for hating the guts of flash). Hope you enjoy. http://on.fb.me/fwaLFz

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