Dorothy Wong · @dorfehh

5th Jan 2011 from Twitlonger


(T/N: Excuse the bad english, trying to keep the meaning as close to the original as possible)

Don't stop, come to me, tightly shut your eyes (oh slow down)
Don't talk, wait a little longer, hold that trembling hand (oh oh u wow)

Using my heart, that is more nourishing than chocolate biscuits to melt you, better than cotton candy, chocolate oh my luv
Usinng my heart, that is truer than the aroma of oils to melt you, accept my heart (accept it) okay?

Honey Funny Bunny as gentle as sweet scents day by day yeah e day yeah e
Honey Funny Bunny as fiery as fireworks, like the truest first kiss wow wow wow wow

Honey Honey Honey Honey Too sweet Funny Funny Funny Funny Too sweet
Bunny Bunny Bunny Bunny oh baby Always wanting to dream in your arms

You're so dazzling (I) can't take my eyes off you, so beautiful (yo so fine)
I'm so restless I can't get to sleep, my heart's beating, comfort me (oh oh u wow)

The gentle lips that brushed against my face, what should I do, (i) really want to possess it, (you) come to me quickly
Unconsciously falling into the stares of desperation in those child-like eyes what should I do (what to do) do you know

(Secretly secretly) For you (singing singing) Singing for you
(A long time A long time) Giving you all my love (Listen) Like it's about to explode
(Loook at me) Look at me (Come) Come and I'll fly to the sky with you

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