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5th Jan 2011 from Twitlonger

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Some critical internet sites of tunisian government are facing since sunday electronic attacs that put down at least 8 of them. A group of cyber hackers calling themthelves Anonymous had revendicated theses attacs. They are saying that they will continue this operation since the tunisian officials dosen't end the "strict restrictions" on internet navigation.

one-one : that's the internet battle. In this place, the continuity is facing the change.
This days' problems of tunisia are reflected on the network. If u want to navigate in one of the critical government websites, maybe u will wait a while or a lot before accessing the web page, if u have success to access.
The attacks are putting down many governmental website, and also the President website "himself". The websites of Foreign affairs and of Industry as well of stock exchange website and before theses ones, the web site of internet tunisian agency that the tunisians call "Ammar 404".
It's #OperationTunisia, that what the backers called her. They are a group of hackers calling themselves anonymous. The group was known recently by attack to websites hostile to wikileaks. What they have with thunisia this time ?
In a press release put on the website hacked, the group said that they are angry facing the government matters and the war of ben ali to democracy, freedom of speech and also the tunisian people.
Anonymous said that they want to help tunisian people ...
Also that the attacks will not stop under... (the speaker say what is on the press release of anonymous)

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This is an electronic reponse to the censorship politic of tunisian officials : they censor entire websites (and they are a lot). Many tunisians are complaining of what they call a tunisian government spying of their mail boxes and hacking of their blogs and pages on social websites.
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The nearest example of the stronger control of governement on the internet and also the failure to do this (at the same time) is the riots on different regions of the country. The government still try to cut the road of information and picture, but the world is still watching and hearing.

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We are with Sami Ben Gharbia (in Beiruth), blogger and lecturer on internet field.
- TVNewswoman : Mr Ben Garbia, critical and sensible websites are hacked : are we facing a cyberwar directed by internet hackers?

- SBG : first, let put the things on the context. Anonymous group have prior positions supporting freedom of speech on the world. It have supporting iranian people on the 2009elections where this people had facing the war on the "earth" (real) and on the internet (censorships of blogs and information websites). and anonymous was here to support the net-iranian-people.
They had also do action in australia to defend right of internet users when of voting of internet law that allow the government to forbid creation or publication.
and the most popular action is the support to wikileaks right to publich the american diplomtic cables.
So the action of wikileaks to support the cause of a country suffering from information control is not strange.
The strange and funny is that an anonymous group is fighting another anonymous group. Because the censorship and control authorities in Tunisia are not transparent. We don't really knwo who make censorship. Tunisian people had called the internet agency by "Ammar" because of absence of transparency.

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Ok. When we see this attacks that are putting down some critical internet websites and even the presidency website. We would know how many diffcult is to hack these sites and what is the level of security of these websites behind the hackers ?
SBG It is essntial to clarify some technical matters. First, it's not a hacking attacks, it's deny services attacks. It's not hacking operation or destruction operations. Anonymous are not destroying these sites, they do deny services attacks.

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Sorry, what i meaned is that the websites were attacked and and revendication was published on the website, and this is considerer hacking

SBG No, technically, it's not hacking, it's "defacing", means change on the website redirection. They are not destroying the information but on the other hand, the tunisian government hack websites of polical parties, even those who are legally established on Tunisia, also, Nahda website was hacked..(hesitation)... democratical progress, nawaat website, kalima website, tunisnews website. We have recensed more than twenty cases of hacking and destroying data cases for tunisian websites and blogs that were conducted by professional teams that destroy and delete releases (or data or pages).
What we see today is not a hacking operation, it's only attacks to deny service

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Thank you....

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