Singularity Fan Pages, Contest #3 Re-Do

DEADLINE: Saturday, January 15th 2011

CHALLENGE: Create one of the following to help promote or show your love for "Destination Truth" - create a design for a T-Shirt, a design for a DVD set, design a tattoo (please only design one on paper or on a computer and don't get it inked into your skin!), or make a fake movie trailer advertising "DT" Season 4.5 out in March 2011.

PRIZES: An exclusive "AMC's The Walking Dead" Comic Con 2010 bookmark, a custom Singularity Fan Pages DVD & an official Mac baseball cap with the Apple logo on it - the only way to get authentic Apple apparel is to go to their corporate office, have something sent to you from corporate as a gift, or to work for one of their stores! The ultimate gift for tech fans who can't go to the "Mothership".

RULES/RESTRICTIONS: If you are making a video, upload it to YouTube and email the link to me. I won't be able to see any entries that are just for Windows Media since I have a Macbook. If you're under 18, please also submit the email address of your parent so, in case you win, I can email them asking permission for an address. Again, if designing a tattoo, don't get a tattoo unless you want it forever. I will not accept Facebook friend requests via email or sign up for any kooky sites if that's the only way to see your photo entries. Don't do anything illegal.

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