#abparty @ppilarski #ableg this is for you... Well it is the 1st Day of 2011. Most know by now that Sheila Pratt from the @edmontonjournal was able to ascertain that I was interested in seeking the Leadership of the #abparty. I have some corporate realities that must be met head-on, BUT I am going to test the power of "Social Media" and officially announce this January 1st, 2011 that with no reservations about this decision, I will run as a Leadership candidate for the #abparty. You heard it "tweeted" here first. I look fwd with great anticipation to the days ahead meeting and listening to Albertans across this incredible Province we ALL call home. I believe I have a message that Albertans want to hear, and I want to hear what it is that Albertans want to say to me and to #abparty. I'm so excited about the days ahead, the dialogue, debate and discussions that are to come. Piotr I hope that is a little more exciting for you.

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