************DISCOVERYUK - UPDATE ****************
The array of countries that will show 'What really killed Michael Jackson' - according to this confirmed Discovery statement:

Michael Jackson's Autopsy will air on Thursday 13th January 2011across several of our Western European networks.

Michael Jackson's Autopsy makes its world premiere at 9pm GMT, 10pm CET on Thursday 13th January throughout Discovery Western Europe. It
will air on Discovery Channel in UK, Spain, France, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland and
Denmark. It will air on DMAX in Germany and on Real Time in Italy.

***************WRITE, CALL. BLOCK --------→ http://tl.gd/7psmml

MJJJusticeProject is pleading for all of the MJ Global family and the soldiers who have been battling with us from day one, to KEEP spreading the word regarding this DiscoveryUK protest. There are many who are under some delusion that this is a rumor IT IS NOT.

For beLIEvers who think MJ is behind this atrocity HE IS NOT.

This is verbatim the answer we received personally from


“We are very sorry to hear that you have been disappointed by the scheduled broadcast of Michael Jackson's Autopsy. Our programming covers a wide variety of topics, which we appreciate at times may not suit the tastes of some of our viewers

 Michael Jackson's Autopsy will air on 13th January at 9pm . Michael Jackson was one of the world's most important music artists in modern times. Throughout his life there was wide-ranging speculation about medical conditions that affected him. This documentary examines the actual medical facts around those conditions, utilizing the official coroners' report and professional opinions from a range of leading medical experts.
 We value all of our viewers' feedback and will pass your comments on to the programming department.

Kind regards,


Discovery Networks Europe Viewer Relations


#Request ID# [21041]


Deal is reality. MJ needs YOUR voice!

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