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28th Dec 2010 from Twitlonger

Forbes is usually better than this: Larry Bell blasts wildly at "hoax" promulgators on climate: My reply: Mr. Bell is shooting wildly without checking facts - a common habit at the edges of discourse on climate and energy, sadly.

Almost every one of the elements that the alarmist media supposedly ignored has been described in my New York Times Dot Earth blog and in my earlier print coverage for the paper and such alarmist publications as AARP's magazine -- including the persistent questions about the pace of Greenland ice loss and sea-level rise, the reality that hurricane strength is not a simple function of ocean warming, the conflation of garden-variety climate hazard with warming impacts, the overstatements of certainty on the causes and consequences of climate change.

(A good starting point would be my 2006 article, "Yelling Fire on a Hot Planet": )

On my 2006 book, there's nothing in that phrase about open water that is implicitly scary. In fact, it's already nearly impossible to visit the sea ice at the North Pole after March or so. How do I know? I've been there:

I encourage Cox to get out a bit more, and to improve his aim.

Those interested in the reality between the shouts of "hoax" and "catastrophe" might visit my 2007 article on the well-established basics:

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