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28th Dec 2010 from Twitlonger

[TRANS] 101228 YooChun's 이름 없는 노래 Part 1 (A song without a name) @6002theMicky

내가 이런 얘기 한적 있나?
have i ever spoken about this before?

2003년 몇 개월 연습 무대를 마치고 멤버들이
After finishing training that lasted for a couple of months in 2003, the members..

첫 시합을 가뿐히 헤친 우린 2004년 이달의 신인
in 2004, we walk our way through the month's newbie with our first debut rather lightly...

수많은 신인상 그것만으로 만족할 수 없었던 우린
We were not able to satisfy ourselves with the many newbie awards that we received

더이상 참지못하고 더 많은걸 바라기 시직했지
we were not able to just settle down with that and started to yearn for more things

2005년 일본 진출 한국에서처럼 모든 것이 수월할 줄 알았어요
in 2005, we advanced to Japan and thought that like korea, everything would be easy

첫 싱글 4천장을 기록하고 그때부터 자신감은 추락하고 말았어
we sold 4000 copies of the first single and since there our confidence took on a downslide

되지도 않은 이런 매일 숙소 회사만 우리를 위한다는 감금아닌 감금으로만
days passed by unlike days being passed, a confinement that isn't a confinment saying that it was for our sake by the company and our lodging

지나친 고독과 눈물과 분노 이것이 우리를 하나로 만들었고
overwhelming loneliness and tears and wrath bring us together and made us one

행여나 어떤 일이 있어도 헤어지지 말자더
saying that never to be seperated no matter if there's possibility by any chance or if there's any issue

[by my own understanding. let me know if lyrics is wrong.]

Translation: InHye87 @

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