After calling Lucy Radcliffe at Discovery, I was asked by a few people to brief them on that call. Below is the paraphrased transcript of that exchange, followed by full details for contacting Discovery.

I dialled: 011 44 208 811 3033 9 (US code)

Firstly, the phone was put down by a guy who answered.

I rang back and Lucy came to the phone.

She knew exactly what it was about.

I asked her if she'd received my email.

She lied and said yes.

I told her " before you switch off I am concerned that a line has been crossed in Discovery's programming about what's acceptable and what isn't."

I asked if how she would feel if her her parents or someone she loved were treated as if they were a specimen for the purposes of entertainment.

Lucy replied she couldn;t express an opinion.

I told here that was a standard, evasive line and was unworthy of both her -- and Discovery.

I then told Lucy the MJ autopsy programs had been commissioned by Discovery for profit only -- nothing more, and any idea that their motivation was for
truth seeking or true exploration of the issues surrounding Mr Jackson's death -- was a pretence.

Lucy told me she could offer no opinion.

I then replied that in abdicating responsibility and hiding behind a blanket 'no comment' response, Discovery were demonstrating extraordinary contempt for their viewers.

Lucy then told me someone would ring me back.

I will be calling back tomorrow, and again the next day, and again the.....

I would like Lucy Radcliffe to hear from you and many others.

If you do not live in the States find out what the international code to the UK is, dial it - then dial 208 811 3033.

The point is this: It doesn't even really matter what Lucy says to you -- what matters if that Discovery know the strength of feeling that is out there.

If you do not live in the UK, please get up earlier in order to make the call. Please pass this message onto all fan sites, twitter and other social forums.

Contact details to protest the Michael Jackson Autopsy Re-enactment scheduled Discovery UK January 13,14, 16, 17th 2011 - now follow:

In light of the recent news that the Estate is most likely unable to prevent these programs from going ahead, the global effort to accelerate emails, calls and letter writing to Discovery is now critical.

A word of caution:

Please stop talking about the Discovery shows on public sites such as TMZ, CNN, Huffington Post, Yahoo -- wherever. Posting publicly about Discovery achieves only one thing:

It does Discovery's promotional work for them and give them the kind of publicity PR professionals charge thousands for.

This is what you can do: Using one letter, and simply changing the name you address it to at the top:

1: Write a letter to:

Nicolas Bonard,
Senior Vice President
Discovery Enterprises International
Chiswick Park
Building 2
566 Chiswick High Road
W4 5YB


David Zaslav,
President and CEO
Discovery Communications
1 Discovery Place
Silver Spring


Dr. Hunter who will perform the mock MJ autopsy

Michael D. Hunter, M.D.
3737 Frankford Avenue
Panama City,
Florida 32405

2: Email

Absolute head of Discovery. President and CEO

2nd in command at SVP of Discovery Europe

Lucy Radcliffe is the assistant to Nicolas Bonard.

Mark Hollinger is president of Discovery Networks International.

This is Doctor Hunter's email. He will performing the mock-autopsy.

You can copy emails to MJJJustice project here.


Please do not use abusive language in any of your communications. Using non-emotive language, simply but firmly explain why these proposed programs
on Michael Jackson are not only morally and ethically reprehensible -- but are also a potential source of serious anguish and emotional distress for Mr Jackson's surviving children and family.

Would a program of this kind even be contemplated on Tim Russert, Heath Ledger or Brittany Murphy? This disgrace is happening because years of dehumanizing Michael Jackson in the media has led to the belief that this is acceptable.

It isn't.

Whatever your views or standpoints on present issues, the truth is, if ever there was a time to put aside differences and unite in strength over an issue
-- it is now.

Thank you.

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