Regarding the upcoming Uncharted movie:

a-I wish Uncharted fans would have faith that Amy,the crew at Naughty Dog, and the peeps at Sony will only allow the Uncharted flick to happen if it lives up to the franchise standards. I get you may be suspicious of movie makers, but on the game side, none of those peeps I listed above have done anything to arouse suspicion that they are sell outs. Quite the opposite.

b- Fans frequently/consistently fail to appreciate the necessary differences in entertainment mediums and the business realities that often times dictate those differences.

c-At the same time, movie makers often get stuck in a tired way of thinking. In this case, the antiquated idea is: 'we have to have STARS to open the movie!' District 9, Lord of the Rings, Spiderman 1, and Avatar say 'hi'. Knight & Day, How Do You Know, and The Tourist also say 'hi', albeit with much less fervor.

d- Regarding this:

What a fucking dick. I mean, given the guy's reputation, it's not surprising. If a fan comes up to you who is clearly interested in what you are doing - even though he may disagree with your way of doing it-there is a gracious way of handling it. And you should not only handle it graciously because it's good PR for your movie (especially when a fucking video camera is in your face and your core fan base is super internet/youtube/viral savy) BUT because it's just good mother fucking manners. On a Hollywood set and in a Hollywood agency you may be a big deal. Out on the street though, you are just a trained monkey who is there to entertain the people when they see fit (be it with movies or games or songs or comics). So fucking stop with the attitude. I hate that shit.


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