Sometimes 140 characters just ain't enough. Here's my verdict on today's science budget allocations.. #rcuk #scipolicy #stfc No major surprises, given that we already knew the overall settlement & protection against inflation for MRC. Concern over reduced capital at BIS had led to fears that participation in
international organizations (CERN, ESO) were under threat, but a solution has thankfully been found. Pre-election plans by Lord Drayson to reduce the exposure of STFC's science programme to international exchange rates & national facility operations seem to have been implemented, allowing more or less stable funding for consolidated uni research grants, studentships & a (beefed up) fellowship programme, for which those leading STFC's negotiations with BIS should be applauded. Of course, there isn't good news for all at STFC, with reduced facility operations at ISIS & the central laser facility, plus worryingly no mention of any support for non-ESO ground-based astronomy facilities beyond 2012. Half-glass full or empty? Overall my vote goes to the former, given the scale of the cuts elsewhere in the public sector & relative stability of a (near) flat-cash settlement over the next 4 years.

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