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19th Dec 2010 from Twitlonger

[Trans-News] JYJ, "We think reconciliation with them, just we don't know when it'll be.."

To stand on my own feet is exhausted.

Last year July, the most unprecedented event in Korean Music that was withdrawal from the company and led to the law suit. The 3 members of TVXQ, Junsu, Yuchun, Jaejoong is running without the rest. We asked about their schedules during those times. They who made JYJ and changed their name, Junsu, Yuchun, Jaejoong answered that they went at their work.

"In the meantime, we worked at Korea and Japan. In Korea and Japan, we had concerts and personal works each other. Anyway, we didn't want to think others so we tried to work hard individually and to be busy."(Yuchun)

SM Entertainment which they belonged to was a kinds of big fence. But they had so bic decisions, last year. They seperated from the company. There're still arguments and processing the law suit but they leaned each other and promised to the future. Before meeting the present company, there were also absent. In Japan, AVEX took them so they could work in there until last year.

"Now it's the same but.... We had no chance to tell and very careful in talking. At those times, we went around like chew and spit. But it was difficult to meet the reporter willingly. Especially, it was the situation to critical or misunderstand from just one word. If we told, we had to hurt some other people. After the end of law suit, we'll be able to tell everything."(Jaejoong)

"We couldn't imagine that many kinds of races came to see out performance. Besides there were all age groups so they presented a grand sight such as the performance of Michael Jackson or other pop star. At first, they didn't know about us but they grooved it and then they did 'thumbs-up' to me. It was totally different atmosphere to Asian fan."(Junsu)

"They're traditional pop music. This kinds of attempt is the first. But we wanted to make a change something. Just go back the basis of music. We went to US directly and worked with local producers. At that time, Yuchun was shooting the drama, so he was really tired."(Jaejoong)

"Our album is not released yet legally. And there were sound sources just on iTunes. Our song is on the top 10 in Billboard readers selection. It's 5th place. Even Kanye West is the 10th place, Lady Gaga is 7th place. We were really surprised."(Junsu)

Junsu will appear on the musical 'Tear of Heaven' on Feb 1. They have the plan to work each other. And in the US, their album will be released next month and will plan the world tour.

Lastly, I asked a heavy question to them..
"In the future, no matter what about the law suit, how are you going to do with SM and other members?"
They also hesitated but answered... "We think reconciliation with them, just we don't know when it'll be.."

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