OK, here's the rest of the contest instructions! Unfortunately, I sold my private jet just last week so I won't be traveling tomorrow. lol. Now before I'm accused of tricking everyone across the country into tweeting if I wasn't even going to travel that far to see them, you should know that I did have good intentions:) I actually wasn't sure if I was going to be in any number of the Western states and I have sky miles I could have used to go further east if I didn't have to be at a production meeting tomorrow morning in Burbank. At any rate, if you're within 1 hour driving distance of Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, or Riverside Counties in California, listen up! All the rest of you, keep tweeting out of the goodness of your hearts & I'll return the love somehow.

If you've met the 3 tweet requirements (we will verify) then do this...

1- If we're friends on Facebook, send me a direct message, (not on the wall obviously) including: your real full name, age, address, phone # where you can be reached, # of people you expect to be at home Thurs. evening, and if you receive the show through your cable service and at what time (10PM or 7PM East Coast feed)

2- If we're not friends on FB, tweet me which city you live in and if you've met the requirements, I'll direct message you another method to send me the info.

3- If you would like to go to a public place to grab some food(frozen yogurt is my favorite, lol) instead of watch the show, that's great too. Just let me know in the email.

Christiane, our fan coordinator, and maybe another team member;) will be coming along to take photos. If you don't want photos taken, that's perfectly fine. Someone may or may not also contact you to verify some information or to make sure you'll be at home. Everything else being equal, the winner will be chosen based on their efforts to spread the word about the show... & maybe a dartboard will be utilized. Get to it!

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