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8th Dec 2010 from Twitlonger

Full translation of German Bravo Mag article about Adam Lambert. From craazyforadam on ATop:

Comment regarding Bravo Magazine (Germany): Their target audience is 12-16 year old girls and the paper's intellectual level is cheap boulevard press level. With that in mind, please don’t take this very seriously, it is utterly harmless for Adam. The paper has been single-handedly reporting on Adam since early 2010 and has taken a positive stand on his behalf in every article, since that first visit where Adam rightfully slammed them with his famous ‘gay-gay-yay-yay’ twitter message. They clearly got that message at the time and also had met him and are since then reporting on him almost weekly, kind of like Fleckingrecord. So while they go for sensation here, they are also very much on Adam’s side.

So, with this introduction, here “for your entertainment”:

Gaga’s best buddy attacks Adam: BITCH-FIGHT!

Two Glamour-Boys, one big fight – BRAVO knows what is going on there…..

In principle the two should understand each other well: Both like to kiss boys. Both wear Make-up and crazy outfits. And both pull off a big show on stage. And both are friends with Lady Gaga (24)! We are talking about Super Star Adam Lambert (28 ) and GaGa’s best Buddy Justin Tranter (30) of the punk band Semi Precious Weapons. But the two don’t like each other! Even worse: Between the two US singers there is the total bitch war going on! In his BRAVO-Interview the blond Justin blasphemes his dark haired colleague: “ Adam is a good singer. But sorry, I cannot take him seriously as a rock star. For me he is just participant in a game show. And that is so not Rock & roll!”

How mean! Justin criticizes Adam’s earlier participation on the TV-Show AI, the US version to “ Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. And that in spite of his second place for the WWFM-Singer last year was the perfect career launching platform for him. But for Justin the mega-downer: “ I would never participate in something like that. A real rock star has to go through hell for his music, like I have," he says, and adds immediately, "I have fought for five years with a Band for my dream. We have performed in the smallest bars in front of ten people. We have worked hard for our success!”
And Adam did not? When BRAVO confronted the singer with these accusations he was shocked. But then he fires back: “ A rock star you become because of your inner attitude. It has nothing to do with where you come from. Perhaps I have taken part in a game show. But without it I would have never gotten this far and I would do it again immediately”, he says confidently. “ And to be honest I am right now on a world tour, while he plays in little clubs for 100 people.” That hits home! Adam giggles and adds: “ Justin by the way sends me all the time songs from him and begs me to sing them”. And that because he finds the two year younger singer so disgusting?! “ "He is only envious," grins Adam coolly. And what does LGG say to this fighting on the glamour boys? Til now the Mega-blond woman stays out of this discussion. Best buddy against another star she is friends with. Perhaps she can on day invite the two to a peace summit.

End of article.
I told you, no need to take it seriously!
The German comments range from….Adam is so gorgeous – a rock star –good looking
who the hell is this guy, he only wants attention associating himself with Adam’s name
Adam rocks! What a douche….

Also picked up from is this info:

Tonight at 8 pm Slang Radio will have a special about Adam’s Tour. We will also play songs from his brand new acoustic EP and we also have other interesting stuff for you.

There also will be a few infos to the opening act “Random Hero” and a little interview with the boys.
Gold for WWFM – a absolutely f’ing incredible concert.

Unfortunately we could not get an interview with Adam, but still we will talk on SLANG Radio about his ongoing tour and we will play some live songs from his acoustic album. We also will give the opening act Random Hero to speak to us.

You can hear the whole thing from 8 pm onwards here on:

This radio station has previously done 2 hour specials on Adam (twice as far as I know). Totally cool. I caught the second one, it was well done. A few misses, but tons of good pre-idol music, FYE music and other stuff. Well rounded introductions.
So great to see that and hopefully it lifts the EP again into the charts.

German high on i-tunes was 54, as reported by
I caught it when it was at 64 myself, but that was 2 days before we started collecting all the screen shots, so I missed that. In Germany / Austria the EP came out 3 days earlier than in the US, so they peaked earlier than everywhere else.

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