lmfao. A weird kid with her weird theory 8)trans for sooyoung's starcall
Hello everybody, this is Sooyoung~ It's great to see you guys. And today, again, I gave everybody a starcall~ Happy? hehe...The reason for this starcall is that I want to talk about my height, my long legs...the pro and con of being a tall kid. Thank you very much for giving me the "Tall kid" nickname so first of all, the pro is that I'm alive because I get to breathe the fresh air and even if I did not wear any shoes, I still can get to breathe the fresh air~ hehe~ Woori Taeyeon and Sunny, so sorry about that~ And the con is that when I'm dancing on the stage, it would look very un-natural because of my height and thus this is one of my concerns. So that's all~ I will continue to work hard untill I can get to dance naturally on the stage~ Everybody please do drink more milk and to grow taller~ Bye, Saranghaeyo!!~

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