So I woke up a bit late, but here's the contest rules for Eat and Greet Finale! Coming up this Thursday, Fact or Faked will air its season one finale on SyFy at 10PM (earlier for some cable services). In order to set viewership records, we really need everyone's help in spreading the word about the show. Tweeting is always tremendously helpful. If you want to participate, here's a contest for me to meet you, bring you food, and/or watch the show together! Here's the rundown.

1- Anyone in the U.S. can participate at this time (I'm not quite sure where I'll be on Thursday yet:)

2- You must be 18 or older or have a parent's consent who will be present during the meet-up (this will be verified beforehand). Multiple people and families are encouraged to participate together.

3- You must be present at home Thursday evening and ready to watch Fact or Faked at your house with me or to meet at a predetermined, nearby public location.

All you have to do to be eligible is to retweet at least 3 announcements I will make about Thursday's show and to do it before 12PM Pacific tomorrow Wendesday. Details will then follow for how the winner will be chosen. Some information will then have to be verified and then I may appear at your door! The contest is not officially connected with the network or show in any manner whatsoever. I just want to show you guys how much I've appreciated all the support and tremedous loyalty that makes this show work!

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