First of all we want to say well done. We achieved a lot this year.

An unprecedented effort was made to meet as many local and national politicians face to face to explain why the arts are vital and why public funding is needed. More than 85 TDs were met. Presentations were made to Oireachtas Committees, local councillors, as well as a variety of conferences, seminars and university groups. Members of the public and many of us who work in the arts sent nearly 12,000 emails to their TDs.

Thanks to those of you who helped make this happen. You have helped the arts in Ireland.

Funding will be down in 2011. The impact on individual artists and organisations won't be known until next year. However we made the case. We were listened to. The cuts at national level are nothing like as bad as many had feared. (We won't know how much local funding is cut by until later next year).

Here's the initial news we have about the Budget and the arts:

* The cuts are biggest on the capital side rather than current spending.
* Culture Ireland got a big increase of 71%.This huge increase is to roll out its programme Imagine Ireland in the USA next year.


2010 Spend €m

2011 Total €m

Change 2011 over 2010 €m

National Archives




IMMA, Chester Beatty Library , National Concert Hall, Crawford Gallery




Cultural Projects (e.g Dublin Contemporary, Hunt Museum, Foynes Flying Boat Museum, Science Gallery, James Joyce Centre, March's Library)




Cultural Development

(ACCESS Arts Capital funding & the Cultural Technology Grants)




Culture Ireland




The Arts Council (part funded by the National Lottery)




National Museum of Ireland




National Library of Ireland




Irish Film Board




National Gallery




In terms of how the constituent parts of the Department break down, see below.

Department Breakdown

2010 €m

2011 €m

Change 2011 over 2010













Administration costs of Department




*Sports funding dropped significantly because some of the major sports infrastruture projects e.g Aviva Stadium, National Sports Campus etc are completed. But elsewhere an additional €5 million is allocated in grants to sporting bodies.

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