I'm starting a new movement on Facebook, or Tumblr, or LiveJournal, or even Twitter if you want to copy and paste this link. I am FED UP with the negativity I am seeing towards fanatics or fans, in general. Whether it's someone who gives you crap because they consider you a "loser" for being so involved in your fandom, or it's someone from an opposing fandom who gives you hard time, or even if it's a fellow fan who gives you hate for whatever reason, it's not right and I've HAD it.

Spread this around like wild fire and let's fight negativity with LOVE:

"Fanatics are people who are passionate about their interest(s) & spend their time either running or taking part in a fan community, but unfortunately, there are those who don't understand & spend their time hating, criticizing or putting them down for it. Post this as your status or copy/paste this on the wall of someone you know who is a fanatic to show them you care & you're there for them <3 <3 <3"

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